Who dies on the tribe?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The only ones we know died for sure are Glenn, Dal, Spike, Pride, Ned, Siva, Java, Zandra, Wolf (after Jack pushed him down the stairs) and Bob the dog. Zoot/Martin also died, but continued appearing throughout the series.

Many went missing, including: Danni, Bray, Ryan, Patsy, Cloe, Ved, Tai-San, Paul, Charlie, Luke, Moz, Tally and Andy. KC and Alice went missing but appeared in the final season. Dee and Patch could be considered missing, but went off of their own accord.

You can't really assume the missing are dead with this show, as there was a point when Amber was 'dead'.

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Q: Who dies on the tribe?
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What happens when an aboriginal tribe leader dies?

Another elder takes their place until the tribe decides the next tribe leader.

What happens to piggy at the end of this chapter and how does the tribe respond?

it dies

Who is Sharptooth?

Yes, Sharptooth dies in Warriors: Moonrise. Feathertail, the silver cat, was sent to protect The Tribe of Rushing Water, and she dies trying to save The Tribe, and her Clanmates, along with Crowfeather, the cat she loved. -Bluestar127

How did the hopewells die and what did they do with them?

When someone dies in the Hopewell tribe they were buried with fancy ornaments.

Who dies in the sign of the moon warriors?

So far, Stoneteller, from the tribe of rushing water, dies. That is all that I know so far, although I don't think he dies during the book, but before.

Who dies in Omen of the Stars?

Leopardstrar dies first, then Mistystar becomes leader. Flametail dies in Night Whispers, and Antpelt dies also in the dark forest. In Sign of the Moon A tribe cat dies, and in one of the last books Firestar dies

What did Ralph do after piggy dies?

Ralph leaves and later comes back to Jacks tribe to speak to Samneric who are standing guard, watching for Ralph.

Where is the daisy death potion in sims 2 castaway?

when your Sim dies(if you have 2 and they were in a tribe together) the alive Sim will get the flower! then you have to gather poisonous plants! !

Does Sharptooth in Warriors die?

Yes, he does. Feathertail dies trying to save The Tribe of Rushing Water and her Clanmates, along with Crowfeather, the cat she loved. -Bluestar127

Character traits for Storm Warriors the book?

Dark gray tom of Tribe of Rushing Water. Dies between books Sign of the moon and Outcast

Which episode does pride die in the tribe?

Pride dies in season 5, episode 7 part 3 after one of the technos shot him with a laser. R.I.P pride!!

What Indian tribe live in Mississippi?

the Biloxi tribe,the Chicksaw tribe,Chactaw tribe,the Houma tribe,Natchez tribe,Ofo tribe,Quapaw tribe,and the Tunica tribe