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Ronnie and Jonah's dad, Steve Miller, dies.

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Ronnie's dad dies .

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Q: Who dies in the movie the last song?
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Who dies in the last song?

The Dad dies of cancer in the last song

How does the dad die in the last song?

the dad in the last song dies of cancer but he does not die in real life it is only in the movie he does not die from the church burning down but from cancer thank you, PENELOPE HOWARDS

What song was played on piano in movie the last song?

The song roney/Miley Cyrus plays in her movie the last song is called well there is two the one she plays for will or the one she finishes for her dad right before he dies they really don't have a name.

Who dies in the movie last summer?


What rate is the movie the last song?

The movie "The Last Song" is rated PG.

What is all about the movie The Last song?

The Last Song is an emotional. "Perfect movie to share with your daughter". I am not going to spoil the movie for you. I love that movie.

Free download the last song movie?

hi, yes . i want to download the last song movie.

What is the novel The Last Song Movie based on?

The Last Song, by Nicholas Sparks

What was the last song played in the movie the crow?

the song

Is the last song the movie ok for a 5 year old?

The Last Song is actually a good movie for just about anyone.