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The following is who killed who in Scream 2. The killers were Mickey and Mrs. Loomis. Remember, Mickey was by far the more psycho of the two, as Mrs. Loomis just wanted revenge on Sydney and Gale. Anyway, this is most likeley how it happened.

Phil and Maureen: Mickey in both cases. In fact Mrs. Loomis wasn't even there. Besides there's no way a 40 something year old woman could of jammed the blade through the stall and into Phil's skull. This was done by Mickey, who seems obsessed in a couple scenes later that Maureen was stabbed 7 times.

First call to Sidney: Cory Gillis.

Cici: Mickey. Mrs. Loomis did the calls. Mickey did the killing, along with filming it. And besides, it had to be a male to have had the strength to throw Cici off of the balcony.

sidney's party attack: Mickey, because no one knows where he went. Mrs. Loomis was doing her job, so she sends Mickey like a good boy to go attack Sidney.

Note: By this point of the film, viewers should know that this film is also going to reveal that there are two killers.

Sidney's theater attack: Mickey. Derek evens says that they swapped positions. this was so Mickey could put on the costume and scare Sidney. Also Mrs. Loomis doesn't have access to school campus.

Randy: this was Mickey, as Ghostface had large male feet.

Dewey and Gale attack: Both were there. Mrs. Loomis was most likely filming them, the she darted out of the building. Then Mickey takes over and chases Dewey and Gale around the building. Then Mickey finds Dewey and wounds him badly. Then tries to get to Gale. When Gale escapes the building she finds Mrs. Loomis, who was waiting there for her.

Two cops: After Mickey wounds Dewey(although it seems he's dead) Mrs. Loomis instructs him to go after Sidney, who is planning to leave town, while she waits for Gale to exit the building. There's no way Mrs. Loomis would risk go against two armed cops. Also When Mickey reveals himself as the killer you see a large cut on his face, which indicates that he was the one that crashed the cop car and knocks himself out.

Hallie: After Sidney and Hallie get out of the car, Mickey wakes up ad uses his amazing sneaking powers and gets out of the car and behind the wall thing, than jumps out behind Hallie and kills her.

Derek: Obviously Mickey.

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SCREAM killers where billy and stu

steve-billy because stu cslled casey and wanted to torment her so badly.billy also had way more strengh then stu.

CASEY-stu cause she dumped him and shes suprised to see the killers identinity

SIDS HOUSE ATTACK-stu attacked billy called

CALL AT TATUMS HOUSE-stu billy was at jail

BATHROOM ATTTACK-alot say prankaster but i say stu

MR.HIMBRY-stu was inviting a party guest billy was nowhere



TATUM-billy stu was upstairs








PHIL-billys mom killer was saying billy and mom


CICI-billys mom called micky attacked



RANDY- billys mom killed him mickey called


DEWEY AND GAil attack-micky

two cops-mrs.loomis



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Mickey killed: Derek, Phil, Maureen, Officer Andrews, Officer Richards, Hallie

Mrs. Loomis killed: Randy, Cici

Cotton, Sidney & Gail all Killed: Mrs Loomis & Mickey

Hope this helped!!

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There is no one named 'Scream' in the movie Scream.

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Q: Who did what in scream 1 and 2?
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