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Scream: Billy and Stu Scream 2:Mrs. Loomis and Mickey Scream 3:Sydneys Brother Scream 4: ?

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Q: Who plays the killers in all of the Scream movies?
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What is the answer for ice can scream?

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!!

Who plays lucius fox in Batman?

Morgan Freeman plays Fox in all three of Nolan's Batman movies.

Why was Scream the movie made?

Scream helped breathe new life into the classic slasher movie. Scream is not just a slasher movie, but a parody/spoof of slasher movies. It makes fun of all the old cliches that bad horror movies -- especially bad slasher movies -- employ.In other words, the movie was intended to be a celebration of, or an homage to, classic slasher movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street (A Nightmare on Elm Street, in fact, was written and directed by the same guy who wrote and directed Scream: Wes Craven).As well as a celebration of/homage to the classic slasher movie, Scream also gently and lovingly made fun of slasher movies.Thus, Scream not only caused horror fans to take a renewed interest in slasher movies, but also prompted the makers of such movies to stop being lazy and employing all the tired old cliches, and move onto fresh new ground.Scream was released in 1996, during a sort of low point in horror. Nothing new was really happening with horror movies at the time. The next exciting new trend -- movies filmed with hand-held, home movie cameras, to get that realistic look -- was not to come for a few more years. The Blair Witch Project(which was the first film to be made in that realistic style, as well as the first horror film that claimed to be totally real footage) did not come out until 1999.So, at the time, Scream was a refreshing change from a rather boring period in horror. It revived the slasher genre, which had been suffering greatly from lack of imagination and reliance on predictable cliches. It got people interested in slasher movies again, and it brought much-needed criticism to the horror genre, which forced horror movie makers to come up with fresh, new ideas.

Who plays Seamus Finnagon in Harry Potter?

Devon Murray plays Seamus Finnigan in all the Harry Potter movies.

Why did movies gain popularity when stage plays were available?

Well, stage plays take a long time to write and produce, just like movies, so for one thing, they provided variety. Another reason they were popular initially was the sheer newness factor. People were fascinated to see the technology where you could actually see moving pictures. Also, stage plays are limited to a certain region, or perhaps a tour, whereas movies can be copied and distributed widely. A smaller area that doesn't have a live theatre program would love to see movies rather than having to travel to a larger city where they were putting on a play. All of the above(APEX)

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Who plays Sheriff Dewey in all four of the 'Scream' movies?

David Arquette plays Sheriff Dewey in all four Scream movies.

Is david arquett playing in Scream 4?

Yes. David Arquette plays Dewey in all four Scream movies.

What are the titles to all the movies in the scream franchise?

The Scream movies are simply named: Scream Scream 2 Scream 3 Scream 4

Which actress played the same part in all 3 Scream movies?

Neve Campbell played Sidney Prescott in all four Scream movies. Courteney Cox played Gale Weathers in all four Scream movies.

Does Courteney Cox star in all the Scream movies?

Yes, she stars in all Scream movies (1, 2, 3 and 4) as Gale Weathers

What do Jason saw and Freddy Krueger have in common?

They are all serial killers from movies.

Do you have to see all the scream movies?

No but it does help with a few inside jokes tho

Does Sidney Prescott die in any of the scream movies?

No, or I should say not yet. There have been four Scream movies released so far, and the character of Sidney Prescott has lived through all of them.

What actress played the role of sydney prescott in the movie scream?

Neve Campell played the role of Sidney Prescott in all of the Scream movies.

Is scream 4 real?

scream is really real if u watch the movie at midnight. he will come out and kill u

Is scream 3 a follow up from scream 2?

Yes, because the Scream movies are a trilogy and were always meant as such. Scream 4 starts a new trilogy and they'll all be linked to the original trilogy making a 6-part story.

What movies do James phelps play in?

He plays in all the Harry Potter movies