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King Kong bundy

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Q: Who did undertaker beat in WrestleMania 11?
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Does Triple H beat undertaker at WrestleMania?

No Undertaker is undefeated at wrestlemania and he already beat Triple H at Wrestlemania X7

Who did undertaker beat at WrestleMania 2004?

At WrestleMania XX in 2004 The Undertaker defeated Kane

Did trriple h beat the undertaker at WrestleMania?

No. He lost. The undertaker is still undefeated at wrestlemania

Who did undertaker beat at WrestleMania 24?


Did Triple H beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 27?

No. Undertaker won the match.

Who beat undertaker at WrestleMania?

18 people

Who will face WWE superstar undertaker at wrestlemania 26?

He will beat HBK at wrestlemania 26

Who is going to when Triple H or the undertaker at WrestleMania?

The undertaker already beat the game triple h

Will hbk beat undertaker at WrestleMania 26?

no, but the showstopper mr wrestlemania will, like bert hart By Sahib

Did undertaker beat hbk at WrestleMania?

yea he hit the tombstone and it was over

Do you have to beat undertaker at WrestleMania with every single person?

probley yes.

Does undertaker vs boogyman soon?

no because undertaker beat boogeyman at wrestlemania to never have a match again