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Q: Did undertaker lose at any WrestleMania so far?
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How many titles has undertaker won?

one One. Suburban Commando. There is a rumor that he was also in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi in which he actually speaks hindi. This I have not yet confirmed. He was also in Poltergeist : The Legacy.

Will the undertaker ever lose at WrestleMania?

probably not, he is good but the company wont make him lose sense he came this far from having this record in the books sense hes like 45 years old and will retire soon

Who will face Undertaker at WrestleMania 28?

So far, it's looking like it could be Triple H.

Did undertaker win vs Shawn?

As far as Wrestlemania goes, yes. At both WM 25 and WM 26

Who will goldberg fight at WrestleMania 27?

So far he isn't put in any WrestleMania 27 matches.

Who is leaveing WWE?

So far it has been Shawn Michaels (HBK) who retired after losing to the Undertaker in Wrestlemania 26 however he was going to retire anyways, Batista left the WWe this year to start a career with the MMA (ufc). Jeff HARDY left, he now works for TNA. Rumours have been appearing as of late that The Undertaker will step down at 2011's Wrestlemania 27. Kane has been threatening to leave but he always does this now and then so who knows with him?

Which was the best WrestleMania?

You're Talking about 25 Years of WrestleMania! I Think the Best WrestleMania so Far before WrestleMania ends in 2032, is WrestleMania X, Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon, And I was in that Match, I Lost the Match but I Won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 12 against Bret Hart- Sincerlly, HBK Shawn Michaels!

Is undertaker going to win the world heavyweight title?

yes becoz undertaker is far more powerfull than edge

Who is the most famous WWE superstar?

As far as I'm aware, Undertaker is currently the most popular and thus respected WWE superstar.

Who will win at WrestleMania edge or chris jerico?

EDGE by far becaus Jerico Stinks

What is the theme song for WrestleMania 28?

As far as i know. The incoming pay per view today is Wrestlemania 26,not 28 The theme song of Wrestlemania 26 is "I Made It" by Kevin Rudolf Here's the download link: ( )

Where are undertaker and Shawn micheals they are not returning to WWE?

As far as we know, probably not. To be honest, HBK has a higher chance of retiring than the Phenom. This is because of all of the injuries that Shawn has suffered in his career. Multiple knee surjeries, broken back etc.