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George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers did the original song "Bad to the Bone."

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Q: Who did the original song bad to the bone?
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What are some song titles containing the word bone?

Bad To The Bone

What harmonica song do people play in prison?

bad to the bone

What is that song called that goes i make good girls go bad?

George Thorogood and the Destroyers 'BAD TO THE BONE' great song

What is the original song to Weird Al's song Fat?

Michael Jackson - "Bad"

Who was the original singer of the song you?

I don't know? my bad.

What is the first song on the original release of Michael Jackson's 'Bad' album?

The song "Bad" is the first in the sequence on the CD.

Who sang bad to the bone?

the answer to your question on the song bad to the bone it was done by george thorogood did the song no one else even did a cover up for the song and by the way LOL who ever thought guns and roses did the cover to no way LOl it was george thorogood that was his song and his hit

What is a good theme song for George Weasley from Harry Potter and why?

bad to the bone cause they get in trouble alot

What is the original meaning of the song far behind from Candlebox?

It was dedicated to Andrew Wood. The lead singer of Mother Love Bone.

Who is the original artist of the song white and nerdy?

This song was done by Weird Al Yankovic. "White and Nerdy" landed him his first Top 10 song on the Billboard 100. There have been several fan remakes on Youtube, but the original song was done by Weird Al as a parody to a song called "Ridin" by Chamillionare and Krayzie Bone.

When did George Thorogood release Bad to the Bone?

Bad to the bone was released in 1982 with his band the Destroyers. The album had the same name as the song. it was not a major hit but appeared numerous times on mtv and became more popular later on.

When was Bad to the Bone created?

Bad to the Bone was created in 1981.