Did ZZ top sing bad to the bone?

Updated: 8/28/2023
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No, ZZ Top Did Not Sing Bad To The Bone, George Thorogood & The Delaware Destroyers (Commonly Known Simply As George Thorogood & The Destroyers), Sang Bad To The Bone.

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I'm sure ZZ top played bad to the bone, but they never released it on any albums.

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Q: Did ZZ top sing bad to the bone?
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When was The Best of ZZ Top created?

The Best of ZZ Top was created in 1970.

What band starts with the letter Z?

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When was 'bad' first used to mean 'good'?

By the rock group ZZ Top in the song lyric "I'm bad, I'm nation wide"

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Billy F Gibbons gave ZZ TOP the name at the band's inception in !969.

Did zz top sing black betty?

I have researched this topic, thinking myself that ZZ Top did record Black Betty, but I found that ZZ Top never has recorded it. There are 14 studio albums, 6 compilation albums and 42 singles by ZZ Top and none of them have Black Betty as a recorded track. The Band Ram Jam released the song Black Betty on their album Ram Jam in 1977 track # 1, it was their best known song. The songs Original Artist is James ( Iron Head ) Baker. Recorded by Iron Head, Huddie ( Lead Belly ) Ledbetter, Ram Jam, Manfred Mann, Ministry, Spiderbait, Meat Loaf and Soil.

Opening act for zz top 1985 wheeling wv show?

Opening act was Extreme. ZZ TOP had a kick-ass stage setup! The zz-girls were nice too.

What was the first video of the rock band ZZ Top?

ZZ Tap is an American rock band that formed in June 1970 in Texas. Their first video was "Brown Sugar". ZZ Top's first album is debut studio album by American blues rock band ZZ Top.

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The music video 'Legs' by ZZ Top can be found on Youtube featuring Wendy Frazier. Legs was released by ZZ Top in 1984 off of their 1983 album Eliminator.

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