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Watfukinmug cantanswerdis

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Q: Who did Justin Bieber lose to on Stratford Idol?
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Who did Justin Bieber lose his virginitiy to?

he hasn't

Did Justin Bieber lose his label?

No, he didn't.

When do you you think Justin bieber would lose his fans?

how long will it be until justin bieber will loose his fans his job how many people hate justin bieber is most of them guys or there girls involed too?

Did Justin Bieber lose 10 grand for cutting his hair?

no he didn't.

How do you be in Justin Bieber band?

lose all good taste of music

How much weight does a brown bear lose during hibernation?

Justin bieber

Will Justin Bieber lose his voice when he hits puberty?

Justin Bieber has already hit puberty, and his voice has been lowered, but he is still singing, even though his voice is diffrent.

How many fans did Justin Bieber lose when he started dating Selena Gomez?


Did Justin Bieber lose weight?

He might of because of all the working out.

How many fans did Selena Gomez lose after dating Justin bieber?

about 1,000,000 people or more

How many fans did Justin Bieber lose when he cut his hair?

I think around like 40,000

Why did Justin Bieber have a haircut?

Justin bieber gets a haircut because if he don't he will lose the hot look and to inpress his fans make sure they don't get bored of his hair. Did u no:Justin bieber had his head shaved on a tv show in 2010