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Lose yourself by eminem

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Lose yourself eminem

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Q: What is Leo Howard's favorite song?
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What is Leo howards favorite color and why?

Get him to greek

What is Leo howards favorite candy?

kit kat

What is Leo howards favorite ice cream flavor?

Its vanilla, he loves it best

Is Leo howards favorite food subways?

I'm not sure but his favourite food is pizza I think I love Leo howard

What color is Leo howards hair?


What is Leo howards agent's number?


What color are Leo howards eyes?

They are Hazel.

What is Leo Howards religion?

a christain

What is leo howards favorite colors?

orange and goldBlueIts orange and gold.

What is Leo Howards favorite pet?

I am not sure which Leo Howard you may be talking about but actor Leo Howard ( from kickin it ) has not said but it is probably bulldogs.Because he dad is the " big bulldog " and in a video he says i love animals referring to dogs.

What is Leo's favorite song?

Lose yourself by eminem

What is Leo howards nic name?

wrecking ball