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Gerard ways favorite song to perform is most probs his favorite song mama

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Q: What is Gerard Way least favorite song to perform?
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What is his favorite song to perform?

baby is his favourite song

What song is Joe Jonas' favorite to perform?

his favoriate song to perform is "Pushin' me Away"

What is Gerard Ways's favorite song?

Favorite song to preform: Mama-My Chemical Romance Smashing Pumpkins- Bullet With Butterfly Wings His favorite song from The Black Parade is Welcome To The Black Parade. His favorite song from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is Helena C:

What is Harry Styles Favorite Song to perform?

Rock me

What is Taylor swifts favorite song to perform?

lean on me

What is Miley Cyrus favorite song to perform?

See You Again

What is Zayn Malik favorite song?

to perform with the band up all night and favorite song is thriller by michael jackson

What is M. shadows favorite song to perform?

His favorite song to perform is Critical Acclaim!

What is Kevin jonases favorite song to perform?

SOS, whereas Nick likes to perform Year 3000.

What is Joe Jonas favorite song to perform at a concert?

Buring Up

What is Justin bibers favorite song to perform?

Never say never

What is Justin Bieber's favorite album from my world?

Do you mean song?? I know that his favourite song to perform is ''Baby''