Who did Eminem adopted?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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He adopted Alaina Scott-Mathers from his ex-wife Kim's drug addict sister, and Whitney Scott-Mathers from Kim, who she had with another man while she was married to Em. He also has custody of his younger half-brother Nathan Mathers.

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Eminem has a younger half-brother whose name is Nathan. Nathan is 14 years younger than Eminem.

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no he did not

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Q: Who did Eminem adopted?
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Who is eminem's daughter alainas mother?

eminem & kim adopted alaina. She is Kim's twin sisters daughter.

How old is eminem's adopted daughter laney?

i believe she is 8.

Who is Whitney to Eminem?

Whitney is his adopted daughter i think Whitney and alaina are adopted hailie is his real daughter

Does Eminem have a child name lainey?

Yes he does. She is Kim his ex wife's twins kid. Eminem and Kim adopted her when she was little.

How much daughters dose Eminem have?

Eminem current Has 3 Daughters named Halie Jade, Whittney, and Alaina. Whittney and Alaina are adopted

Who does Eminem take care of?

His daughter Hailie, his adopted daughters, Alaina and Whitney, and his half-brother, Nathan.

Do Eminem have a child?

Yes. he has got two girls. One is his niece and she is adopted

How many kid do eminem have?

1 Biological, 2 Adopted, and Legal Guardian of his younger half brother.

How is Eminem related to lainnie?

He is related to her by kims (his wife) sister who is her mom

When did Eminem adopt Whitney?

Eminem was going to adopt Whitney in 2006 but ever since his divorce with kim. kim never aproved it. Pretty sad that kim cheated on eminem.

Why does kim mathers have her sisters child?

She has her sisters child, because she and Eminem adopted her (Alaina) ;-)

Who is Lenny in Eminem song?

Laney Lainie is Alaina, Eminem'sniece and now adopted daughter.