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According to sources, Hailie lives with her mother, Kim, and grandmother along with Eminem's adopted daughter Whitney. They visit Eminem on the weekends and have their own rooms at his house.

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Yes she does.

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Q: Does hailie mathers live with marshall mathers?
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What is Hailie Jade Mathers best known for?

Hailie Jade Mathers is the daughter of the rapper, Eminem (Marshall Mathers). She was born December 25th, 1995 to Kimberly Anne Scott. Eminem and Scott share custody of Hailie.

When did Whitney mathers give birth to hailie jade mathers eminems daughter?

December 25, 1995 and and hailie jade and her mother is kim scott (mathers) and Alaina "Lainie" Mathers and whitney mathers is marshall and kim's adopted daughters and marshall is the legal guardian of his younger half-brother Nathan.

Were dos hailie mathers and her dad eminem live?

in a house

How old is Eminem's daughter?

Hailie Mathers, the daughter of Marshall Mathers III (Eminem) was born December 25, 1995.

Why doesn't hailie jade mathers live with her mom?

Hailie does live with her mom, but also her dad. she spends her time alternately at each of their houses.

What nicknames does Hailie Jade Mathers go by?

Hailie Jade Mathers goes by Hai Hai.

How did hailie die?

Hailie Mathers is not, in fact, dead.

How old is Hailie Mather?

Hailie Scott (Mathers) is 22 years old (born December 25, 1995).

Did Hailie Mathers die?


Who are the members of Marshall Mathers family?

Kim Ann Mathers, his ex wife, Hailie Jade Mathers, his and Kim's blood daughter, Amanda Marie Scott, Kim's niece who was adopted by Kim and Marshall who changed her name to Alaina Marie Mathers, and Whitney Laine Scott, Kim and Eric Hatter's daughter that Marshall got legal custody of.

How did Hailie Mathers die?

NO! She is still alive! she'll be 18 this Christmas - 2013!

How tall is Hailie Mathers?

Hailie is told to be 5.1