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The 'Elizabethan Serenade' and 'Sailing By' are very popular works composed by Ronald Binge 1910-1979, an English composer.

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Q: Who composed Elizabethan Serenade?
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Is there a french version of the Elizabethan Serenade?

Sorry,there isn'nt any french version Elizabethan Serenade. Answered by Tahmid Al Hafiz.

Is the music Elizabethan Serenade protected by copyright?

The "Elizabethan Serenade" is a composition by Ronald Binge, who died in 1979. It is therefore protected by copyright until 2049 in the European Community.

Did ron goodwin compose elizabethen serenade?

Ron Goodwin did not compose "Elizabethan Serenade", it was composed by Ronald Binge. Ron Goodwins recording was an early UK music chart success in the 1960s. He recorded it for several releases in Mono and Stereo.

You are looking for the Elizabethan serenade as sung by the Gunter Kallman choir?


Elizabethan serenade free sheet music?

Ronald binge

What is the music to the tesco everyday cornflakes advert?

It is called "Elizabethan Serenade" by the Ronald Binge orchestra

What year did chausson compose serenade italienne?

This was composed in 1880

Where can you find the words to Elizabethan serenade?

I had an album back in the late 80's, the title was Midnight Blue by Louise tucker and Charlie Scarbeck. It had a song on it titled Only For You. the tune was the same as Elizabethan Serenade. I don't know if this is the original lyrics or if there are original lyrics to the song. I have tried to find the album but to no avail. The album was recorded in England. I hope this is helpful.

What was Mozart feeling when he composed Eine kleine Nachtmusik?

Mozart was feeling OK because he really just wanted to show he had completed a little serenade.

When was The Serenade created?

The Serenade was created in 1897.

What sarangui serenade means in Korea?

love's serenade

What songs have the word serenade in the title?

moonlight serenade