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felicia barton obviously since she isa girl

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Q: Who can sing higher notes out of Jeremy Shum or Felicia Barton?
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Which clef has higher pitched notes?

The Treble Clef has higher notes than the Bass clef.

What are the piano notes to welsh national anthem?

The higher notes are the high notes and the low notes are lower notes: CEDCGFEcccabcaGECCDCEDDDGGGEFGGcccabcaGECDEDCGcGECCDCDGGGEFFGcccabcaGECDEDC.

What determines whether a note is high or low?

The pitch of a note is determined by its frequency, with higher frequencies producing higher notes and lower frequencies producing lower notes. Shorter strings, thinner strings, or higher tension on a stringed instrument will produce higher-pitched notes, while longer strings, thicker strings, or lower tension will produce lower-pitched notes.

What Clef is used for notes in the higher range?


Do the longest strings of a piano produce the highest notes?

No. The shorter the piano strings, the higher the pitch (notes).

How are the different notes produced on the cello?

Pressing on the finger board plays higher notes per tape.

What are all of the notes?

Music notes go from A to G, but you can alter those notes by playing them a different octave or by playing them a half step higher or lower.

How a trombone player changes the notes produced by his trombone?

the slide can extend to produce a lower pitch, and it can also retract to produce higher pitches. all brass instruments can also produce different notes by tensing up the lips (higher notes) or by relaxing the lips (lower notes).

What do they mean if they said play an octave higher?

It means to sing the same notes, but in a higher tone.

Who founded the Jag Notes?

The Jag Notes were founded by University of Louisville students Matt Biven and Jeremy Waits in 2008. They created the group to perform original music as well as popular covers.

Is a flute higher than a bird chirping?

Some notes.

Does the flute or piccolo have high notes?

yea but the piccolo is higher