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Haymitch calls Katniss sweetheart in The Hunger Games.

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Definitely Haymitch.

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Q: Who calls Katness sweetness in the book The Hunger Games?
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Who are Katniss Peeta and Gale from the hunger games are?

In the hunger games, Katniss is a 16 year old girl that takes her little sisters place in the hunger games, Peeta is a boy that is in the same district as Katness that also goes to the hunger games. Gale is a boy that calls Katniss, Katnip. They are all in the same district.

When are The Hunger Games casting calls?

sometime in January

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What do the dandelions symbolized in the Hunger Games?

They symbolize that things will get better in time. Katniss also calls Peeta "a dandelion in the spring" because it symbolizes rebirth.

What are some examples of a idiom used in the Hunger Games?

One that's really obvious, is when almost everyone calls Katniss "the girl on fire" you could take that literally, but its meant as an idiom meaning that Katniss is full of rage and is crazy. Thats the only one i can remember from the top of my head from Hunger Games

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No, unfortunately they did not do open casting calls in St. Louis and all the roles have already been cast. But, if you are going to be in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Georgia on vacation any time in the duration of filming you can submit a snapshot and contact information, exact location where you are staying and days of availability, to the casting director.

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