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The most common place to find celebrity prank calls is on the website celebrity prank calls. The alternative name for prank calls is also known as swatting celebrities.

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Q: Where can someone find celebrity prank calls?
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What do you do when you find a celebrity's real number?

It is extremely unlikely that you are going to find a celebrity's real (personal) number. It is much more likely that you would find the number of someone with the same or similar name of a celebrity, a number posted by someone pulling a prank, etc. If you find a number that you think is a celebrity's, it is not necessary to do anything. If it is a celebrity's real number, the chances are almost 100% that they have been inundated with calls and the number has been changed and precautions were taken so the number "leaking" out will not happen again.

Can you prank call target?

No. Prank calls are illegal. Don't do it just because you think it is funny or someone else does it.

Why do teenagers like to do prank calls?

They find it hilarious to annoy people.

Where can someone find Howard Stern prank calls?

Many Howard Stern prank calls can be found on a variety of websites, including large news websites like the National Post and Hollywood Reporter. The news items may also contain video material and recordings of these pranks.

Where can one find prank phone calls?

If you are looking for prank calls that you can send to friends without getting as involved yourself, you can try Comedy Calls. The site will allow you to preview the pranks and decide what you want to send to your friends' phones. Another option you may be interested in is Prank Dial. This differs from the previous option because it simply presents you with potential prank phone call situations, but leaves it up to you to carry out the ideas on the site.

Where can one find prank call soundboards?

One can find prank call soundboards online on various stores. Some of these stores are Soundboard Archive, Real Mof Darkness, Buklau and Extreme Funny Humor.

Is it illegal to prank call companies?

Yes, prank calling companies can be considered illegal if it involves harassment, threats, or any other form of misconduct. It's always best to avoid engaging in prank calls to companies to ensure you are not breaking any laws or causing harm.

How do you prank without getting in trouble?

You simply just shouldnt prank anyone its very rude and no matter what its stupid too ask because you will get in trouble at one point because someone will find out! so just to be clear DO NOT PRANK!:)

Where is radio mirchi bobby darling jokes?

Bobby Darling Prank Calls Fiji-Hindi Jokes can be found through Youtube. Enter "Bobby Darling Fiji" in the search area. or you can find it here..

Where can one find some great and funny videos of Punjabi prank calls?

Punjabi prank call videos can be found on Youtuve, Vimeo, Live Leak, Metacafe, hyipsgold, Daily Motion, ZimSim, FaceDL, Desi Video Network, and Pakfiles.

Where can someone find a good phone prank?

Someone can find good phone pranks at websites such as YouTube, Wikihow and FunnyPhone. There are also some apps available to download on a smartphone such as PrankDial.

How do you prank someone super smart?

You should first try to find their weakness. In my case, I'm really smart, but, of course, I have a weakness. Usual weaknesses aren't just poking someone in the sides, as that is not the weakness I'm trying to explain. Watch them stealthily, try not to be spotted, and go around being as a ninja and watching his every move. Try to find things that he does that differs from most people. Usually when you can find that, you can find out their weakness, then you can find a way to prank them in that spot. Sometimes you can also prank someone smart, or really anyone, by trying to see if they have a schedule for their day. Try to find one part of the day that you know when he is there exactly; then set up what you want to do to prank him, then BAM. Instantly Pranked