Who bodyguards Sicily Yoder?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She has several bodyguards- but, according to her publicist, Officer John Hnatishion of Beverly Hills and Detective Joe Mehl of Baltimore, Maryland. Hope this helped.

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Q: Who bodyguards Sicily Yoder?
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Is Sicily Yoder Performing in Montreal?

I hope not!

Where does Sicily Yoder Live?

Kentucky and Beverly Hills

Did Sicily Yoder get married?

No, she is still single. She is dating a doctor form Louisville.

How many sisters does Sicily Yoder Have?

She has a twin sister, who lives in Texas, and a younger sister who I think lives where she lives, in Kentucky.

Has anyone got a sign copy fo Sicily Yoder's cookbook or any of her novels?

Yes, I have signed copies of all 3 of her books.

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When is Sicily Yoder performing in Charleston again?

The dates are posted on her website at Go to "Sicily's Show Schedule", and scroll to September on the calender and you will see the four branches that she is doing cooking shows at. She is also in California and Michigan in October and that is posted under October dates.

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