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His bodyguards answered questions about him, after his death. And to a question that said: 'Did Michael have a Facebook account?' Bill (one of his bodyguards), replied yes, he did have one.

So the answer is yes :)

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Q: Did Michael Jackson have a facebook account?
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Does prince Michael Jackson have Facebook account?


What is Michael Jackson personal facebook account?

He was not on any social networking sites.

Is Michael Jackson's profile still on facebook?

His fan page is still up, he never had a personal account.

Do Michael Jackson's kids have Facebook accounts?

It's possible that someone created facebook account using their names... but, as far as I know, Michael's children don't use internet...

Does Michael Jackson have Facebook?

Yes, he does have a Facebook fan page, and you can be his friend

Does prince Michael Jackson a Facebook page?

No he doesn't.

Does Prince Michael Jackson have a Facebook or myspace?

No he doesn't.

Does Michael Jackson have a Club Penguin account?

No Michael Jackson does not he is dead god rest his soul.

Does Prince Michael Jackson has his personal profile on facebook or MySpace?

No he does not.

Who is the most popular dead person on facebook?

Michael Jackson

How do you make Michael Jackson on Facebook chat?

Well, first off, you can't make anybody on Facebook chat, and second, Michael Jackson died on Thursday, June 25, 2009 even though he is still alive in our hearts.Please no bad comments about my answer or Michael Jackson.

Does Paris Jackson - daughter of Michael Jackson - have an official MySpace page?

None of the Jackson children have an account on MySpace, Facebook or Twitter. The ones out there are fakes.In order to be able to go back to a normal life, they will try to get as little attention as possible.