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King of Pop: Michael Jackson

Queen of Pop: Either Madonna or Whitney

King of Rock: Elvis Presley

Queen of Rock: Tina Turner

Queen of Soul: Aretha Franklin

King of R&B: Marvin Gaye

Queen of R&B: Mary J or Beyonce

That's all I know

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King of glam: Marc Bolan
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This is Silu!

Heavy Metal
R and B
Blue grass
Punk Rock
Classic Rock
Mariachi Music
Techno Music
Trans Music
Gregorian Chant
New Age
Bossa Nova
Chamber Music
Drum and Bass
Dangdut Music
LOL. And ummmmmm theres much much more.

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Q: Who are the kings and queens of all the genres of music?
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Why is there so many genres of music?

everyones different There are many generas of music because there are a varitey of likes and dislikes. The dislike of one genera made the like and creation of another genera. Hope I helped! =] ps.I LUV HORSES. You cannot be more incorrect. There are not "MANY" genres of music. It has NOTHING to do with who likes what. There are basically three GENRES. 1. Blues. 2. Jazz 3. European Classical music. All the "GENRES" being bandied about are labels, brands...styles of music named by those who SELL the music. Like a brand, They impose their "labels" on a style of music in order to sell it. Rock and Roll, Country, Funk, Hip Hop, Electro, Dance, Metal, Deep House, Dub Step are NOT genres, they are styles of Blues Music. "Labels" imposed by shopkeepers, record executives, promoters...those who do not make the music. 1. The use of Call and Response tropes 2. The music played in a percussive manner 3. The use of the Blues Form (see the one, four, five) 4. The use of flattened, or Blue notes in musical composition. When the music has departed from this criteria, a new GENRE would evolve. Again, it has nothing at all to do with the whims of the consumer. Uh - YOU could not be more incorrect. Only THREE genres of music?? Hardlly. That sir, is patently ridiculous. There are DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of musical genres, and I don't just mean "styles". Not only "Blues, Jazz (which is by many scholars an offshoot of the Blues, and "European Classical" (what about Brazilian or South African classical music? What about symphony music being written today in dozens of countries on six continents? I would suggest this - on Wikipedia, search for the "geneology of musical genres".

Who are some religious music singers?

There are many religious singers, and in the US at least, the majority of them are Christian and sing across all music genres. A few examples of artists are: Legend Seven, Ruth, Big Tent Revival, Michael Peace, and Larry Norman.

What do you call a person who likes all kinds of music?

Well, it depends. Does this person like the punk style, also? If so, then that person would be described as punk. If that person just likes the music, then they would be described as, well, someone who likes punk music.

What do Indians listen to?

if your talking about indians on an average ,they listen to all kinds but the urban ones love genres like rock , pop and rap. here's an example of indian rock.

What genre is paramores music?

On itunes most of their songs are under the Alternative genre. But its is kind of like a mesh of all genres put together.

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