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There are a few very obious ones. kronos/luke, typon, all of the antagonist-ty myth creatures... But, some foil characters are not as obvious. in the first book, Zues was actually an antagonist, if you dig deep and really think about it. Rick Riordan made Hera seem mean, (no offense) but she helped the trio in ways they didn't even know. (read Battle of the Labyrinth, after "quest") hope that helps a little =)

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There are people made of tin foil in the books?

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Olivia Dematte

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I cant think of any from New moon in particular, Maybe Pre-wolf Jacob and Post-Wolf Jacob?

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Kyle Roder

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Either Luke Castellean or Jason Grace (despite Percy and Jason teaming up, in the Mark of Athena they have a duel where they are shown to be equally matched against each other).

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Q: Who are the foil characters in Twilight New Moon?
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