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no there is no illusion in the new twilight

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Q: Is there an allusion in the book twilight new moon?
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Is there any difference in Twilight saga new moon and Twilight new moon?

No, both titles are indicating to the same book. Said book being the second book in the Twilight Series, New Moon. Technically the correct term is 'Twilight Saga; New Moon'

What is the volume of the twilight book new moon?

The book 'New Moon' is the 2nd volume. right after 'Twilight' and right before 'Eclipse'

The book new moon?

The book New Moon is the second book in the Twilight Saga. The book details Bella's budding relationship with Jacob Black after the departure of Edward Cullen.

How is the tiwlight different from tiwlight new moon?

Twilight is the first book and Twilight Saga New Moon is the second.

Is twilight new moon a mystery book?

No, Twilight - New Moon is a romance novel. It has a mysterious twist, but it is not a mystery.

What is the title of the book after Twilight?

New Moon

Is new moon the 2nd book?

twilight New Moon is made in 2006

What book comes first tWilight or new moon?

Twilight :D

How is new moon better than twilight?

This question is more of an opinion, but many people say New Moon was based off of the book New Moon, more than Twilight was based off of Twilight the book. In Twilight, many favorited scenes were cut out, and many scenes not in the book were added.

What is the next twilight book?

twilight, new moon, eclipse, then breaking dawn

Is new moon next to twilight?

It is the 2nd book in the series...right after twilight.

Will there be a twilight 2 and when?

Yes. New Moon is the next movie/book after Twilight