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The characters in Maroo of the Winter caves are

  • Maroo a young girl
  • Tikek a pregnant woman, mom of Maroo, Otak, And Nimai, wife of Areg
  • Areg father, drummer, and tribe leader
  • Otak brother of Maroo and Nimai
  • Rivo an orphan dog
  • Old Mother the grandmother
  • Vorka uncle, a hunter
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Q: Who are the characters in maroo of the winter caves?
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How did maroo get her name in maroo of the winter caves?

Maroo means "Little Ptarmigian".

What does Maroo's family from Maroo of the Winter Caves call the seals they see?

Maroo's family from "Maroo of the Winter Caves" call the seals they see "eskimos."

Where to find metaphors in Maroo of Winter Caves?

in dgdgh

The history of maroo of the winter caves?

Maroo of the Winter Caves is a fictional character from Jean Craighead George's book "Maroo of the Winter Caves." She is a young girl from the Ice Age who must survive in a harsh environment after her clan is wiped out by an avalanche. Maroo's story explores themes of survival, resilience, and the importance of community.

Is maroo of the winter caves historical fiction?


All characters in maroo of the winter caves?

Maroo-(the main character) A stone age girl and is about 12 yrs old.Tikek-A pregnant woman and its Maroo's motherOtak- Maroo's brotherOld Mother- grandmotherAreg-Maroo's father and hes a hunterVorka- Maroo's uncle and hes a hunterRivo- Maroo's dog

Is there a quote showing flashback in Maroo of the winter caves?


Is there a quote showing foreshadowing in Maroo of the winter caves?


What does Keriatek do in Chapter 2 of Maroo of the Winter Caves?

In Chapter 2 of "Maroo of the Winter Caves," Keriatek helps Maroo's family move from their summer home to their winter shelter, guiding them through the harsh winter weather. He also teaches Maroo survival skills, such as how to build a shelter and start a fire, preparing her for the challenges of the winter season.

In the book Maroo of the Winter Caves what did Maroo throw into the deep hole where she had fallen?

She threw her seashell as a gift to the spirits.

How long did the blizzard last in Maroo of the Winter Caves?

3 days

What was chapter 14 about in maroo of the winter caves?

In Chapter 14 of "Maroo of the Winter Caves," Maroo helps an injured wolf pup and nurses it back to health. She builds a bond with the wolf pup, and it becomes a loyal companion, following her and protecting her. This chapter showcases Maroo's compassion and resourcefulness in caring for animals.