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Well for 1 I am not sure but I am ubsest with it I read the books 3 times I know it's hard to believe but I play rue from the Hunger Games it was super heard to stay still on the floor when I got shot with an arrow

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Q: Who are the characters in caching fire?
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What does the locket petta gives to Katniss' look like in caching fire?

The locket that Peeta gave Katniss in Catching Fire is gold and has a mockingjay ingraved in the front, inside the locket there is a picture of Gale and her mother and her sister Prim.

Who are the main characters in Catching Fire?

Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Finnick, Betee, Johanna, Cinna, Gale, Thread, President Snow

What Harry Potter do they have the dance?

Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang dance together in the fourth movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. They attend the Yule Ball together.

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In English, Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (cat-on go-kak-you no joot-soo) it literary translates into Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. In the English dub anime characters say Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu. It has also been named Grand Fireball Jutsu.

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The cast of The Tony Hancock Show - 1956 includes: Terence Alexander as Various Characters Robert Arden as Various Characters The Barney Gilbraith Singers as Singers Dorothy Blythe as Various Characters Ray Browne as Various Characters Pamela Deeming as Various Characters Clive Dunn as Various Characters Valentine Dyall as Various Characters Dick Emery as Various Characters Bill Fraser as Various Characters Valerie Frazer as Various Characters Charles Heslop as Various Characters Hattie Jacques as Various Characters Sam Kydd as Various Characters Bernard Livesay as Various Characters Cyril Renison as Various Characters Bill Shine as Various Characters Eric Sykes as Various Characters John Vere as Various Characters Neale Warrington as Various Characters June Whitfield as Various Characters

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You must have not read the book yet. The tributes blast a hole in the force field and escape.

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