Who are the cast with miley?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who are the cast with miley?
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What role did miley show at the auditions fof Hannah Montana?

Miley Cyrus auditioned for the part of Zoey Stewrt ( the lead, who you now know as Miley), then after she got cast as the lead the directors changed the name from Zoey to Miley.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hannah O Miley - 2012?

The cast of Hannah O Miley - 2012 includes: Andrea Ros

Is Miley Cyrus cast as sebrina grimm?

nobody know's or cares!

Is Miley Cyrus's name really Miley Cyrus?

No. Her birth name is Destiny Hope Cyrus (because her parents said she was destined for great things and well of course she is!!!!! =D )but changed it into Miley ray Cyrus in 2008. Her cast in Hannah Montana was Miley Stewart , nicknamed Smiley Miley. So she got the name Miley. But it her chacacter on Hannah Montana Miley Stwerart was actually supposed to be Chloe Stewart

What actors and actresses appeared in The Academy - 2007?

The cast of The Academy - 2007 includes: Craig DeSilva as Narrator Holt McCallany as Narrator Dwight Miley as Dwight Miley

Why did miley cyres become famous?

well she auditioned for the role of Zoe in Hannah Montana but then the writers thought miley was a good name for the starring role so they did that! and then they cast Miley Cyrus as the lead and that is how she became famous when she was only twelve there ya go that is how

Did Miley get the part of Miley straight away?

No, a whole world audition went out searching for THE Zoe Stewart (the actual name before Miley got the part). Miley did a good job getting down to the final 3 where it was between her, Jo Jo and Taylor Momsen. Jo Jo got the part but declined it, meaning Miley got the part. Since she got the part, her dad was cast, and the characters name changed to Miley.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Real Miley Cyrus - 2007?

The cast of The Real Miley Cyrus - 2007 includes: Miley Cyrus as herself Brandi Cyrus as herself Braison Cyrus as himself Noah Lindsey Cyrus as herself Billy Ray Cyrus as himself

How much does the cast of Hannah Montana make an episode?

500,000 an episode for every body and 715,000 for Miley

What actors and actresses appeared in Water Rhymes - 1993?

The cast of Water Rhymes - 1993 includes: Siobhan Miley

Did Miley Cyrus chose to be miley in the show?

When Miley auditioned for a part on Hannah Montana, she was actually auditioning for the part of Lilly, who was then "Lilly Romero". The casting agents were so impressed, they decided to cast her as the main character, who would have been named after the actor. "Hannah Montana" was originally going to be "Alexis Texas".

Who does miley choose to be miley or Hannah or still be both?