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According to Billboard magazine, the Top 5 Female singers of the 70s are as follows: *1. Olivia Newton-John (12 Top 20 Hits, 8 Top 10 Hits, 3 No. 1's) 2. Diana Ross (10 Top 20 Hits, 4 Top 10 Hits, 4 No. 1's) 3. Donna Summer (9 Top 20 Hits, 9 Top 10 Hits, 4 No. 1's) *4. Helen Reddy (11 Top 20 Hits, 6 Top 10 Hits, 3 No. 1's) 5. Aretha Franklin (10 Top 20 Hits, 5 top 10 Hits, 0 No. 1's) *However, Olivia Newton-John and Helen Reddy were the only female 70's artists who put more than 10 songs into the Top 20 during the 70s.

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There were a lot of singers from the 60s and 70s. Included are The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Al Green, and Barry White.

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in this order:

Elton John

Paul McCartney

Bee Gees

Carpenters (Karen)

Jackson Five

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Depends on what type of music you like. I would have to say the most popular singers would be The Beatles and Elvis Presley during that time.

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Q: Who are the best singers of 70's?
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