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70s 80s is not very clear firstly. Is it 70s or 80s or 70s/80s?

My only suggestion is Creedence Clearwater Revival and that you are thinking of 'Proud Mary'. NOTICE USE OF QUOTES TO HIGHLIGHT title.

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Q: Which group IN THE 70s 80s had a song called the proud one?
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What is the name of song where a white dates a black and the parents don't approve?

One such song:"Brother Louie" by a group called Stories. It came out in the early 70s.

Who sang 70s song with lyrics 'got a lot on you babe'?

If you mean "I Got A LINE on You Babe, it was a group called Spirit, from 1969

Who sang pop song January?

Scottish Group Pilot in the 70s

Who sung a song called Cuba in the 70s?

Barry Manilow

Is there a song called age of aquario released at 70's?

The Fifth Dimension did a song called "The Age Of Aquarius" in the 70s.

Who did drew sidora sample the song for the love from?

Drew Sidora sampled "For the Love" from a song called "Straight from the Heart" by Con Funk Shun, an R&B group from the '70s. This song was also sampled in a song called "Anything 4 Ya Love" by Latif. Hope this helps!

What is the song she loves to be in love she don't care?

"She Loves To Be In Love" was a late 70s song by a band called Charlie.

Who sang the the song 'the last song'?

two different songs: Edward Bear-1973 Elton John-1992

What artist or group sand the song locomotion in the 1970's?

Little EVA The 70s hit version was by Grand Funk Railroad.

Who sings ring ring telephone rings somebody said baby what you doing?

That line is from an early 70s song called "Rings," originally by a group named Cymmaron. There was also a popular cover version by Lobo.

There is a song by an r and b male group perhaps from the 70s it goes like this love oh love love is here you found yourself somebody yeah yeah yeah its a beautiful song sung real slow and mellow?

The song is "Love Is Here" by The Futures. I heard it on the radio one day last week and called the station to find out the name of the group. Yes, it is truly a beautiful song.

Which punk rock band in the 70s or early 80s released a single called Thank you?

It was Cheap Suits- the song was actually called 'Punk Rock Love Song'. Led Zeppelin released a song called 'Thank You' on their second album in 1970, but obviously this wasn't punk.