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The band has Woodruff, Micah, Eron, and Casey Calvert.

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Q: Who are the band members of Hawthorne Heights?
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What high school did Hawthorne Heights band members attend?

Elder he was a beast he played at Elderfest this year

Who are Hawthorne heights?

Hawthorne Heights is a band formed in Dayton, Ohio. The band members are: Jt Woodruff, Micah Carli, Eron Bucciarelli, and Matt Ridenour. Their albums in order are: The Silence in Black and White, If only you were Lonely, Fragile future, and Sleletons.

Who is Hawthorne Heights?

Hawthorne Heights is a emo/rock/alternative band from Dayton, Ohio formed in 2001. Links are provided below.

Who is James woodruff?

JT Woodruff from Hawthorne Heights.. His name is James Thomas and he is a lead singer and a guitarist from Hawthorne Heights :] Love this band

How many members are in hawthorne Heights?

four, but there used to be five

Hawthrone heights or my chemical romance?

Defenetly My Chemical Romance. Hawthorne Heights is not as good as mcr. MCR ROCKS. Hawthorne heights does not have music as good as mcr. Hawthorne heights is a pretty good band too but MCR is #1. MCR IS NUMBER ONE!!!!!! I Love mcr

When was Hawthorne Heights created?

Hawthorne Heights was created in 2001.

Does hawthorne heights write their own songs?

Yes :] They write them together on their band and their girlfriends. They are amazing! XxBeAuTyKiLlErXx

What is the lead singers name of Hawthorne Heights?

The name of Hawthorne Heights lead singer is J.T. Woodruff The name of Hawthorne Heights lead singer is J.T. Woodruff

What are the heights of the escape the fate members?

stalk the band much?

Why is Hawthorne Heights Ohio known as the place for lovers?

The city Hawthorne Heights, Ohio is known as the place for lovers because of the song by the Hawthorne Heights, the song is entitled: Ohio is for Lovers.

How do you contact the band hawthorne heights?

I am really not sure. But you can add JT Woodruff on Myspace and he replied to my messages :] He is amazing XxBeAuTyKiLlErXx