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Defenetly My Chemical Romance. Hawthorne Heights is not as good as mcr. MCR ROCKS. Hawthorne heights does not have music as good as mcr. Hawthorne heights is a pretty good band too but MCR is #1. MCR IS NUMBER ONE!!!!!! I Love mcr

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Q: Hawthrone heights or my chemical romance?
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Was the black parade by your chemical romance dedicated to anyone?

No, and it's "My Chemical Romance" Not, "Your Chemical Romance".

What Guitar Hero has your chemical romance?

its guitar hero 2 for the xbox ps its MY chemical romance not your chemical romance

What is the interview with My Chemical Romance where they talk about their favourite Halloween costumes?

hello stupid its MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE not your chemical romance

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"MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE" is Alternative rock.

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My CHemical Romance My CHemical Romance

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Why was your chemical romance black parade banned?

First off, they're called MY Chemical Romance, not Your Chemical Romance, and it isn't banned.

What album is sing by your Chemical Romance on?

It's on their new album, Danger Days. And it's My Chemical Romance by the way, not Your Chemical Romance.

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its MY chemical romance

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The Boys of My CHemical romance composed it

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Do you mean MY Chemical Romance? 4