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There have been dozens of Apple Mac ads since 1984. Can you be more specific? John Hodgman (PC) and Justin Long (Mac)

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โˆ™ 2008-07-06 21:32:28
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Q: Who are the actors in the Mac computer commercials?
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Who are the actors in the Mac and PC commercials?

The actor that plays MAC is Justin Long. The Actor that plays PC is John Kellogg Hodgman.

Who is the red hair actress in the mac computer commercials?

I'm not 100% certain, but she looks an awful lot like Carisa Dahlbo.

Are the Mac vs PC commercials over with Justin Long and John Hodgman over?

Yes Apple's Mac Vs PC series of commercials has finished.

Why is PC better?

Because that's what weirdos say! Get a Mac. Watch Mac commercials for more info.

If your computer is running Mac OS its a what computer?

A computer running Mac OS will be an Apple Macintosh computer.

Which network carries the most Mac commercials?

Mac commercials are produced by Apple Company. They show commercials on all networks in order to get attention. The one network that shows the most commercials happens one time a year and that is the network that shows the Super Bowl. Usually, it's the CBS network.

Can Age of Mythology run on a Mac computer?

There is a Mac version of Age of Mythology which can run on a Mac computer.

Who plays PC in the new Mac and PC commercials?

John Hodgman

What do you call when an object is represented by a human-- For example the Mac commercials where the guy says he is a mac--I thought it was personification but I'm not so sure?

You were right. It is personification: The actor personifies the Mac. It comes from the Latin persona, the mask used by ancient actors to create characters.

What is Grep the mac address of another computer?

Find the mac address of that computer.

Is Mac and PC a type of computer?

yes Macintosh, or Mac, is a computer made by Apple. "PC" stands for "personal computer", meaning it could be a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

Which is the cheapest Mac computer?

The cheapest Mac you can buy is the Mac mini.

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