Who are The Beatles from the 50s?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Actually, it's The Beatles, from the 1960's. The Beatles were a English rock band (in my opinion the greatest band that ever existed) they were a band from 1960-1970. They were all born in Liverpool England and the band members were: John Lennon, he was born October 9th 1940, Paul McCartney, his birthday is June 18th 1942, George Harrison, he was born February 25th 1943 and Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey

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Q: Who are The Beatles from the 50s?
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Early (early-mid 50s): Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith Late (late 50s - 1960): AC|DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Guns n Roses etc It can vary

Is liking 50s music Bad?

No. and by the way, in 1960 was when the Beatles first played somewhere together and Ringo joined in 1962 that's around when they had big hits.

What and who influenced The Beatles?

Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, etc. Most rock n' roll singers from the 50s. Any more Beatle questions? Just ask me!

What is the first band of John Lennon before evolving into the beatles in 1960?

John Lennon's band, founded in the late '50s, was The Quarrymen. They changed the name a few times and added/released band members.

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Is it beatles or The Beatles?

The Beatles

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Where did john Lennon play before the beatles?

John Lennon began his music career by founding his band The Quarrymen in the late '50s. After a few members left(Pete Best and Stucliff) and joined the band(Richard Starkey, A.K.A. Ringo Starr), John made a few changes to the band's name. Eventually, the name Beatles came to mind, and it stuck.

What did the Beatles do in Blackpool?

First of all, the Beatles were from Liverpool, not blackpool, although the two cities are close together and have similar names. While they were in Liverpool, they performed in the Cavern Club which was a hot spot for music and the late 50s and 60s. They were discovered there for the first time, but it was only Paul, George, and John who were there with Pete best. Ringo joined the band when they were touring Hamburg, Germany.

What are instement used in the 50s by Elvis presly?

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Where The Beatles real?

Yes, the Beatles were real.the-beatles