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The lady who plays Gibbys mum is Lauren Benz Phillips.

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Q: Who Plays Gibbys Mom On iCarly?
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What is Gibbys skype name from iCarly?


What is gibbys realname off iCarly?

His real name is Noah Munck.

In iCarly what is gibbys real name?

Noah Munck.

Who plays Freddie's mom on i Carly?

Mary Scheer plays Freddie's mom on iCarly.

Who plays zeebo in icarly saves tv?

your mom plays it

Who plays the mom on iCarly?

if you are talking about freddie's mom her name is Mary Scheer

Who plays the hot mom in the ICarly episode I owe you?

kim kardashian

Who plays ms benson on iCarly?

Mary Sheer plays Mrs. Benson who is Freddie's mom. On the show she seems like an over protective mother.

Who plays spanky on iCarly?

Ryan M. Bollman plays "Spankey" on Icarly.

Who plays ms brigs on iCarly?

Mindy sterling she is so nice in real life on icarly shes s mean she has been nice to her dad for her whole life and her mom in real life

Whats iCarly's mom name?

ICarly's mum's name is Josephene

Who plays Dave in iquit iCarly?

Joey Luthman plays Dave in iquit icarly