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That's a tough one, seeing as though Frieza can survive a planetary explosion and Envy can regenerate. But to be honest, I don't think they would fight, they're both far smarter than that. No, in fact, I think that they would team up, Envy would help Frieza kill the saiyans and Frieza would help Envy kill the elric brothers and create the philosopher's stone. But, if they did fight, I'd have to say that Frieza would win. Sorry Envy, he's just stronger than you.

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Q: Who'd win Frieza from DBZ or Envy from FMA?
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Does a guilty gear anime exist?

If you mean like they did for Naruto, OP, and FMA then yes. It's actually a anime movie I think but I'm not suree

Who kills Uchiha Itachi?

: Itachi died because of his over use of the Sharingan, tsukuyomi and amaterasu... He was already dying (using drugs to stay alive) until the day he meets with Sasuke. Sasuke did wound Itachi during their battle, but he did NOT kill Itachi. Itachi let Sasuke Think that he killed him. Sasuke's last jutsu did not hit Itachi in FACT it didn't even touch him.Sasuke kills him after he kills deidara from the akatsukip.s Itachi is not a bad guyLook it upyeah, after Itachi gave Sasuke his Sharigan (which he didn't even know occurred until he woke up with madara) he collapsed, Zetsu even points out that Itachi wasn't dead, he layed in the rain, blind and dying, and Sasuke collapsed next to him. Sasuke is shocked and tired and faints. I actually wondered though about the use of his sharigan it made him blind, but I'm not sure that's what made him sick--it seemed like the same symptoms Teacher and Alphonse(conquers of shambala) had in the FMA series.

Is Katekyo hitman reborn ever going to be dubbed into English?

The most likely answer is no. Even after running 122 episodes, not a single dubbing company has expressed an interest in translating the show into English. Not only that, but within the continuity of the series, Japanese culture is referenced so heavily that it's likely to make English viewers confused. Plus, the anime has several English misspellings and phrases in Italian that would make translation extremely difficult. If any company is going to be audacious enough to try it, it would most likely by FUNimation, but it's a stretch to assume that the dub will happen any time soon. Edit: idk how to improve an answer so yeah i heard viz licensed it :D wikipedia said so atleast :P i hope so :D i think it might be on adultswim if it does get dubbed soon. because idk if kekkaishi or fma brotherhood ends anytime soon. i like em but id be happy to get rid of them for reborn :D hope this helps :D

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Would Frieza from dbz and Envy from fma hook up?

Do you mean hook up as in go out? Cause if you do then it's unlikely. But if they did then their date would consist of blowing up towns and killing hundreds of innocent people until either of the protaginists showed up.

Who is sexier Frieza from DBZ or Envy from FMA?

That's tough, seeing as both villains appeal to me. But, to be completely honest, I would have to say the Envy the homunculus is the 'sexiest'. In my opinion the sexiest thing about Envy would be his beautiful amethyst hued eyes that shine like diamonds in the moonlight. But then that's just me. And I am but a lowly human in this enormous world, and I barely have any say of anything, therefore, it was a privilage just to be able to answer your question.

Are fma envy and lust related or dating?

lust and envy are related.

When is Envy from FMA birthday?

There are no defined birthdays for Himekawa's characters.

In what episode does Envy die in FMA Brotherhood?

Episode 54 titled "Beyond the Inferno." Envy commits suicide by tearing out and destroying his own philosopher's stone.

How much does envy weigh in fma?

i wouldn't imagine if he weighed more then 115lbs or 120 if hes lucky.

Has Envy met Winry?

In FMA: Envy probably did meet Winry, because in the episode of when Edward was fighting Sloth, he turned into Winry. In FMAB: I don't think Envy met Winry, but I might be wrong. I finished watching it, but I kinda forgot.

Who is envy from fma?

HE IS A MAN!!!! (Not a girl, douches) A MAN ---------------------- I agree with that person up there! HE IS A MAN! ---------------------- Agree. But in plain terms, He is the coolest bad guy in the series!

What is the name of the episode of Fullmetal Alchemist when envy goes to Briggs?

I don't think he even went to Briggs....Sloth did though.... PS: The above is FMAB not FMA.

What fma episode does Armstrong fights his sister?

Fma brotherhood episode 45 "the promised day"

When will the third season of fma come out?

The first fma had its own storyline and the second fma brotherhood follows the manga and they both have diffrent stories so there is no chance for a thrid season

What country does fma take place in?

FMA takes place in a made up country called "Amestris". this also is the case for FMA brotherhood. in the FMA movie (conqueror of shamballa) the time where ed was transferred to was germany, in aproxximatly 1937/8, or just before WWII. i hope this answered your question!