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Q: Which style of music values a clear singing voice to express the simple direct and often patriotic lyrics?
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Which type of music values a clear singing voice to express the simple direct and often patriotic lyrics?


What are the lyrics for had Mary had a little lamb on the flute?

There are no lyrics unless you are singing.

What is declamatory singing?

The lyrics of the song comes from the declamation.

What is the word for songs with lyrics and the music but no singing?

Lyrics imply either singing or talking, as lyrics are words, but music with no singing is called instrumental music. If you are talking about compact discs or tapes that provide only written lyrics and music, this is called a performance track and an individual can sing the song with their own voice in place of the original artists. Karaoke is an example of this.

What is Utada Hikaru's hobby?

Singing and creating lyrics probably.

Is there any existing recording of the Nutcracker with these lyrics?

No selection from "The Nutcracker" have lyrics. The one movement that actually has singing only uses choral "ahs."

What are the lyrics to Jacob singing to Bella baby?

He doesn't sing anything...

What are the lyrics to my home's a sight to see by the singing cookes?

I Don't have a clue.

What is the musical term for when the song has nobody singing?

Musical pieces that don't have any lyrics or singing are called instrumental pieces.

What are the names of the popular singing competitions?

American Idol, Don't Forget The Lyrics, The Singing Bee, America's Got Talent....

Babysteps by Varsity lyrics?

you tube it and you can listen to the song while singing, but if you need the lyrics alone.. there're aren't websites that have them yet .

What are there lyrics from If you see her lying there lyrics?

Try a google images search. Sheet music for the singing parts should show up.