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Q: What is the song that goes whoa whoa oh whoa whoa oh oh at sporting events and it gets the crowd pumped and they will start singing the lyrics to its only guys singing and its not zombie nation?
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What is the song that you hear in football games that goes Wooh wooh wooh woohoo wooh wooh wooh woohoo?

I've never heard any other lyrics than these in 15 seconds of hearing it and i believe these are the main lyics you hear over and over. The voice is high-pitched. It's not from Blur, The Transplants or 5678 (all of those have other lyrics right before or after the "woohoo"s)

What are the magi-nation theme song lyrics?

Your two worlds are colliding You feel the tension rising No time for hesitation Gotta fight for the Magi-Nation Gotta hit 'em hard with animite Gonna battle on cause you just might, Be the final dreamer! Come on, its a generation We're fighting for the magi-nation Count us in for some competition Gonna battle with the opposition One there'll be salvation Calling out from the Magi-Nation, yeah [Music Interval] Magi-Nation!

What is the song played at sports games that has whoa oh oh oh oh?

It's Kernkraft 400 (Sport Chant Stadium Remix) by Zombie Nation.

Is rakim Allah a Muslim?

Converted to Faradian (as in W.D. Fard, Elijah Muhammad, The Nation of Islam, and The Nation of Gods and Earths) Islam at age 16, taking the Godly name of Rakim Allah. His lyrics often contain references to his Five-Percenter faith. Any coincidence between the Nation of Gods and Earths and traditional Islam is accidental, as this form of Islam, an acronym for "I-Self Lord and Master," is a made-up religion that only has Islamic elements in it. (

When was John Nation born?

John Nation was born in 1874.

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What is the name of the song that zombie nation plays at sporting events?

kernkraft 400 -by zombie nation..

How many sporting events did Africa participate in at the summer Olympics 2012?

Africa is not a nation it is a continent and the question is like asking how many sporting events did Europe participate in. The answer for both is zero although European countries might have been in all 302 events

How many Australian teams are in the commonwealth games 2014?

One, one team is entered by each nation - members of that team participate in their specific sporting events.

What is the song that is played at so many sporting events lately no lyrics but a catchy tune?

Star-Spangled Banner America the Beautiful(in Olympics the national anthem of the gold medalist's country)

What is History as common memory is?

The way historical events connect a culture or a nation. Apex

What are the lyrics for the Royal Caribbean cruise lines?

the nation of why not

Where can one find the lyrics for the song Nefes?

One can find the lyrics for the song Nefes online at several websites. These websites include Lyrics Translate, Reverb Nation, Lyrics Mania, Maxil Lyrics, and Lyrster.

Where can the lyrics for national anthems be located?

The lyrics for national anthems may be located on the government website for that nation, specifically on their "about" page. These lyrics are usually accurate and up to date.

Outline the advantages and disadvantages of hosting international sporting events?

Advantages:economic growth , employnment opportunities disadvantages: a big target of terrorist , unbalanced development Advantages:economic growth , employnment opportunities disadvantages: a big target of terrorist , unbalanced development Advantages: Increases national pride, Maintains international friendlies, economic growth, enhance players to show their talent. Disadvantages: Creates competition between countries, environmental pollution, a big target of terrorists, Inbalanced development

What are the major sporting events in America?

The major sporting events in the United States revolve around the three most popular sports in this nation. They are American style football, Baseball and Basketball. This is quite different from many nations where soccer or the most used term of football reigns as the sport of the "World". The Major events for each sport are: NFL Football- The Super Bowl College Football - BCS Championship game College Basketball -NCAA Tournament Pro Basketball - Championship Series Baseball - College World Series and Major League World Series

What does Cathy Freeman best enjoy competing in?

Cathy Freeman's 400m gold medal at the Sydney Olympics remains Australia's greatest sporting triumph, according to the nation's sporting heroes.

What is a good website to find lyrics for AFI's songs?

AFI, A Fire Inside from California, formed in 1991. There are several sites to listen to many bands, including AFI. AZ Lyrics, Song Lyrics, Reverb Nation, and Metro Lyrics.