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The right answer is Mandolin

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Q: Which string instrument is usually found in an orchestra?
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What woodwind instrument is usually not found in the orchestra?

In a full orchestra, various band instruments are added to the string ensemble. The least common woodwind instrument in a full orchestra is the saxophone.

Which string instrument is not found in and orchestra?

You do not usually find a guitar in an orchestra. A banjo is not normally found either. Though for special scores they will be added. Eric Copeland's Western Suite includes a part for a six string banjo.

What kind of instrument is the violin?

The violin is what is called a stringed instrument, and it is found in the string section of an orchestra.

What stringed instrument is usually not found in an orchestra?


Which instrument that was being used in the baroque orchestra was found in the classical period?

String Instruments

What woodwind instrument is not found in an orchestra?

aulos. Also, a more modern instrument usually discluded from standard orchestras would be the saxophone.

Which string instruments is usually NOT found in an orchestra?

Guitars, stars, and basically all except the violin family and the harp.

Which string instruments is usally not found in an orchestra?


String instruments from highest to lowest?

The violin is the stringed instrument with the highest pitch. The viola is slightly lower, and it is followed by the cello, and then finally the double bass. The double bass is the lowest string instrument found in an orchestra.

How many violas are found ina symphony orchestra?

Usually 12, when using a full 60-piece string section.

What stringed instrument isn't found in an orchestra?


What string instruments are usually not found in an orchestra?

Mandolin, Guitar

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