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the one when Sandy Cheeks is in hibbernation

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The episode is called survival of the idiots

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Q: Which spongebob does spongebob and patrick fight over whos dirty dan?
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Where are all of Patrick's lost socks in SpongeBob SquarePant's Battle For Bikini Bottom?

It's a secret! The socks are all over Bikini Bottom, but all of you will have to play the game and find them all.

Why is SpongeBob cool?

SpongeBob is awsome because if mr. krabs or plankton were best friends, than that would make Gary awesome. Also if squidward met Patrick on february 16, 1952, that would make sandy awesome. And if mrs. puff had said the word, "fishpaste," during the civil war, that would make pearl awesome. SpongeBob is awesome because squidward graduated from FLOUNDER FISH HIGH SCHOOL.that is why SpongeBob is awesome.And don't forget that if Gary meowed in Jellyfish Fields during the 1930s, that would make King Neptune awesome.And if Patrick ate pistachio ice cream and blew a bubble around the Chum bucket, then revealed to Spongebob that he is on TV, then threw a rock into a hole and wrote a letter to santa Claus in April and broke a lightbulb which let poisonous smoke into the air, which polluted Bikini Bottom, making all the fish die except for himself, Spongebob and Squidward, and then Spongebob burnt a Krabby Patty and fed it to a Jellyfish, and then a human ate Spongebob's pineapple, and then Patrick ate the human and grew to gigantic size, and then pooped out the human, and the human fell over dead from suffocation, and then Gary crawled onto the top of the Krusty Krab and ate a pie while using laser vision to burn Mrs.Puff's boating school, which caught on fire and reeked havoc throughout the world, that would make Squidward awesome!And don't say this doesn't make sense because it does

Name something roommates fight over?

BATHROOM BILLS CLEANING UP PHONE HOUSEWORK FOOD TELEVISION SPACE money, clothes, space, laundry and dirty dishes

What was the Name of cartoonist who did over the garden wall?

Patrick McHale

Who is better Yoshi or SpongeBob?

That is a matter of opinion, I personally prefer Sonic over Mario, but it's your choice

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What is the name of the episode of SpongeBob that SpongeBob and Patrick were at the beach and fight?

SpongeBob and Patrick actually had a lot of fights over the series, but the biggest one was in "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" so I'll just tell you about that one... SpongeBob and Patrick are sending messages to each other in bubbles but then Squidward interferes and sends fake bubbles to SpongeBob and Patrick, so each thinks the other is insulting them. Eventually, SpongeBob and Patrick drink lots of soda and get left alone in a room together and then they both start burping out bubbles until the room fills with bubbles and they laugh together and they're friends again.

How old is Larry of SpongeBob?

larry, is another snail Spongebob gets to try and make Garry jealous. This is in the episode when Garry chooses Patrick over Spongebob.

Why did barron and Patrick have a fight?

over a ruler

How did Patrick get into oxygen springs in SpongeBob employee of the month?

He climed over some coral.

The story of the yellow avenger?

The Yellow Avenger Part 1: A Hero Is Born It was another wonderful day in Bikini Bottom. Spongebob decides to visit his friend Patrick when, while walking over, he sees something from behind speeding toward him. With barely enough time to see or think, Spongebob is sent flying into the air by the object!"OWW!"says Spongebob.As he sits up, he spots something on the ground."Wait, this is the conch signal from Mermaid man and Barnacle boy! So that was Barnacle boy on top of the... the Dirty Bubble!''. Seeing he cannot handle this himself, Spongebob uses the conch signal to signal his favorite superhero, Mermaid man. Not soon enough, the old hero arrives. After a quite jumbled explanation, Mermaid man finally understands the situation. ''If we follow this trail of destruction, it will lead us right to them'',says Spongebob. The duo find themselves at the laundromat,( it's called The Wash if you've seen the show)when through the window they see the Dirty Bubble with, of course, Barnacle boy all tied up! The two dash inside, but in no time at all, the Dirty Bubble steals Mermaid man's belt! And of course, the Dirty Bubble can't help but to explain his plan.''And so, by kidnapping Bikini Bottom's most famous superheroes, I will be the best supervillain there is, and now that I've stolen Mermaid man's belt, nothing will stop me!'' "That's what you think, Dirty Bubble''says Spongebob,''But now that Mermaid man is here, you're in for a whole lot of trouble!''. But Mermaid man is distracted, as usual, so it seems to be up to Spongebob to stop the Dirty Bubble and save Barnacle boy! Spongebob quickly searches for something to help him fight the Dirty Bubble when he notices a safety pin on the floor. Fortunately, it sends the Dirty Bubble into a panic.''Aaaah! a pin... sharp... stay back!''says the Dirty Bubble, as he backs into a washing machine. Spongebob quickly closes the door and starts the wash cycle."You better clean up your act, Dirty Bubble!"says Spongebob "And now to free Barnacle boy.'' As Spongebob and Mermaid man untie Barnacle boy, the Dirty Bubble seems to be all washed up with Mermaid man's belt. Wait, oh no! The Dirty Bubble as become hundreds of little, pink, little dirty bubbles! ''What do we do now, Mermaid man?''asks Spongebob.''Well, I'm not doing anything'',says Barnacle boy,''I'm in retirement! Worried, Spongebob looks over to Mermaid man, who says''How would you like to take my old belt of mine, spongekid, and save Bikini Bottom!''Mermaid man hands Spongebob his belt, who says''Oh boy! don't worry Mermaid man, I'll save Bikini Bottom as...THE YELLOW AVENGER!!''As Spongebob, Mermaid man, and Barnacle boy drive in the invisible boat mobile to Shady Shoals rest home, the many of the fish are in distress because of the nasty,little dirty bubbles patrolling the town. Now it's up to Spongebob to save the day! Will he succeed? Will he stop the little dirty bubbles and save the town? Find out in part two of the Yellow Avenger! Part 2: The Villains Rise Back at Shady Shoals, Spongebob is confidant (thanks to Mermaid man) that he can save Bikini Bottom. Unfortunately, he doesn't know where to start, so he decides to visit patrick for advice. Over in Jellyfish Fields, Spongebob meets Patrick, and after a brief explanation on why Spongebob has Mermaid man's belt, Patrick says ''I bet you can go jellyfishing with that superhero gear''.Spongebob is surprised of the advice, but tries. Once he does it Patrick also suggests that to try and use a water ball to break a barrier farther down the path(there's also a second barrier). Spongebob succesfully bre

What is Larry in SpongeBob SquarePants when Gary chooses Patrick over SpongeBob?

Spongebob had a lot of awards and he didn't have any. So he says to be a winner you have to act like a winner.

Is Patrick really a star?

Well, Patrick is a sea star, so yes, he is that kind of star. He's also a star in another way: SpongeBob is watched by millions of people the world over, so Patrick is also a star in that sense. Plus, he is 'star' shaped.

Is Squidward a squid?

NO. As has been stated by the cast and crew numerous times, Squidward is an octopus. As the voice of Squidward, Roger Bumpass, has stated "Octoward" wouldn't be as catchy.

Is SpongeBob appropriate?

i think spongebob is not appropriate .in the movie mr crabs whispers in spongebobs ear n says a couple of curses... in a couple of shows he shows his butt .n he teaches kids to one episode he goes to take out the trash in the krab n finds curses on the dumpster. nad continue to say it

Where are all of Patrick's socks in SpongeBob SquarePants battle for bikini bottom?

It's a secret! The socks are all over Bikini Bottom, but all of you will have to play the game and find them all.

Where are all of Patrick's lost socks in SpongeBob SquarePant's Battle For Bikini Bottom?

It's a secret! The socks are all over Bikini Bottom, but all of you will have to play the game and find them all.

Why does Patrick Henry repeat Mr President in his speech?

Repetition simply means repeating the same words over again. An example of repetition in Patrick Henry's speech to the Virginia Convention is the quote, "...we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight!"