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Austin Butler

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2010-12-09 06:52:36
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Q: Who played Cody Dennis on the tv show the defenders?
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Who played the kid in big daddy?

Zack and Cody the twins from the Disney show Zack and Cody Suite life. They switched roles through out the movie.

What disney channel show is Cody Simpson in?

Cody Simpson was on the show so random!

When did the show suit life of Zack and Cody first air?

The TV show, "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody", first aired on the Disney Channel in 2005. The two main characters of the show, Zack and Cody Martin, were played by 11 year old identical twins, Dylan and Cold Sprouse.

What actor played Dennis the Menace in the 1993 movie?

Seth Green played Dennis the Menace as Dennis in the 1993 movie. The movie was extremely popular and even had its own animated show. Seth Green now plays Chris on Family Guy.

What is the duration of The Dennis Day Show?

The duration of The Dennis Day Show is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the duration of The Dennis O'Keefe Show?

The duration of The Dennis O'Keefe Show is 1800.0 seconds.

What movie and television projects has Leslye Hunter been in?

Leslye Hunter has: Played Susie in "Route 66" in 1960. Played Melissa in "The Defenders" in 1961. Performed in "Jane Eyre" in 1961. Played Patty Randall in "Ben Casey" in 1961. Played Jenny Potter in "The Defenders" in 1961. Played Isabella in "The Lloyd Bridges Show" in 1962.

Dennis Weaver played the titular Manhattan detective on McCloud What was the show's gimmick?

McCloud was a cowboy from Taos

Zack and Cody?

Zack and Cody is refurring to the TV-show "Suite Life of Zack and Cody".

When did The Dennis Day Show end?

The Dennis Day Show ended on 1954-08-02.

When was The Dennis Day Show created?

The Dennis Day Show was created on 1952-02-08.

When was The Dennis O'Keefe Show created?

The Dennis O'Keefe Show was created on 1959-09-22.

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