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The Outkast's Hey Ya.

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your mo :P

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Q: Which song has the chorus you say a hey a ha?
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Do you know what is the song that sound like I say the hey the ha the hey...?

The Ketchup Song, by Las Ketchup.

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Fidelity - Regina Spector

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The song is 'Don't Ha Ha' by Casey Jones & The Governors!! The REAL original version of the song (as heard in the film La Bamba) is "Don't you just know it" by Huey "Piano" Smith

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ha ha ha ya i can

What song has Ha ha ha ha lyrics in chorus?

Well, there are many, here is twoIf You Seek Amy by Brittany Spears, in which she says "ha ha hee hee ha ha hoh".The Wizard of Oz (at Oz) the polishing song is 'ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho ha ha ha tjats how we laf the day awaay in thee merry old land of Oz'

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The song is off mama mia it actually goes money, money,money must be funny in a rich mans world ha ha ha ! so theres your answer.

Which song starts with ooh Baby Baby Hu Ha I wanne know would you be my girl?

This song is called Hey Baby (If You'll Be My Girl) and the band that sings it is "Alabama.Cristina - Brazil