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since there are so many singers, it would be hard to tell, but my best guess would be that they are all tied The best selling LP is Thriller, 1982 by Michael Jackson +- 52,000,000 worldwide

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Q: Which singer has most record sales?
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Which female singer has the most record sales worldwide?


What dead singer has highest up to date record sales?

Micheal jackson

What is the annual wage of a singer?

"Singers" don't get a fixed annual wage. It all depends on record sales, merchandise sales, and what is in their contract.

How much would a hip-hop singer get paid a day?

Depends on his/her sponsering, record deal, popularity, record (CD, W.E.) sales, and so on.

Who is The richest hip hop singer today?

jay z is the richest due to his CD sales/ producing/ record label and clothing.

Which singers have most record sales?

beetles with 1.3 billion worldwide

Ti record sales?

Ti record sales for paper trail.

Is Zedd a singer?

No, he is not a singer. He is a record producer.

Does Blake country singer have a guinness world record?

Yes, Blake Shelton, the country singer, holds a Guinness World Record for the most consecutive No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. He achieved this milestone with 17 consecutive chart-topping hits.

When was George Baker - record singer - born?

George Baker - record singer - was born in 1885.

When did George Baker - record singer - die?

George Baker - record singer - died in 1976.

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It is not known if Jamey Johnson has a criminal record. Jamey Johnson is most known for being a country singer.