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Q: Which original Brady Bunch actor did not return for The Brady Bunch Hour?
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What future Oscar-winning actor was almost Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch but was too unknown at the time?

Gene Hackman

What was the real name of Greg Brady of the show the brady bunch?

The name of the actor who played Greg Brady is Barry Williams. no it is christopher knight

What is Christopher Knight most known for?

Christopher Knight was born on November 7, 1957 who is an American actor. Christopher is best known for playing Peter Brady on the 1970s series, The Brady Bunch.

Never entirely happy with The Brady Bunch having been sold on it as a serious look at America's blended families what London-trained stage actor was written out of the last episode entirely?

Robert Reed

Who is Gerry Brady?

Gerry Brady was an actor on River City. He went on to become CEO of Tayto crisps.

What is Wayne Brady's occupation?

Wayne Brady is a/an Actor,singer,comedian,game show host,television personality

Who is the actor in the Beneful dog food commercials?

Actor Brady Smith, husband of actress Tiffany Thiessen.

Who is the actor portraying Capt Ahab in the Progressive Insurance commericial?

I know for a fact that this actor's name is Denny Miller. He is a character actor who has starred on numerous television programs and movies. He was the first blonde Tarzan. He had a part in Buck and the Preacher, Emergency, Gunsmoke, The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island, Charlie's Angels, etc... (Really too many to name).

Who is the actor who plays brady hobbs in sex in the city?

Joseph Pupo

Name of actor who played Brady Fletcher on Murder She Wrote?

Peter Horton? No it was Michael Horton, and it was GRADY Fletcher, not Brady Fletcher.

What is Jonathan Taylor Thomas famous for?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is a child actor who has done work for Disney. He played in Home Improvement and a spin off of The Brady Bunch, as well as doing some work for animated films such as The Lion King.

Did Chelsea staub have expierience with acting?

before Jonas L.A. Chelsea staub was an actor she was in Jonas and a bunch of other original Disney movies such as minutemen and she is the v oice of many characters