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Peter Horton?

No it was Michael Horton, and it was GRADY Fletcher, not Brady Fletcher.

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Q: Name of actor who played Brady Fletcher on Murder She Wrote?
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Who played 'Murder She Wrote'?

Angela lansbury played jessica fletcher

Jessica Fletcher's occupation in Murder She Wrote was?


What is Jessica Fletcher's occupation?

Jessica Fletcher is a character in the Murder, She Wrote TV series. In the series, her occupation is a writer of mystery novels. She's played by Angela Lansbury.

In the TV series Murder she wrote what is the main characters name?

Jessica Fletcher.

What is Jessica Fletcher's address in Murder She Wrote TV show?

Candlewick drive

What does the 'B' in JB Fletcher from Murder She Wrote stand for?

The B stands for Beatrice. Her full name is Jessica Beatrice Macgill Fletcher. ~K

What are the release dates for Murder She Wrote - 1984 Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs- Fletcher's Chowder 4-12?

Murder She Wrote - 1984 Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs- Fletcher's Chowder 4-12 was released on: USA: 3 January 1988

Is Jessica fletcher the same person who plays in the film Nanny McPhee?

Angela Lansbury, who plays the character Jessica Fletcher on the TV series Murder, She Wrote, did appear in the film Nanny McPhee as Aunt Adelaide. The character of Nanny McPhee was played by Emma Thompson.

Jessica Fletcher and Murder She Wrote were created as a vehicle for what former Edith Bunker who bowed out when her husband died?

Jean Stapleton

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Did Jessica fletcher murder anyone in murder she wrote?

Jessica Fletcher did not Murder anyone in Murder she wrote, however the TV series itself caused several suicides due to it's very mundane and repetative storylines*citiation needed*

How many of Angelia Lansbury's relatives played in Murder she Wrote?