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not really, it sucked when it was aired

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Q: Is Murder She Wrote a quality television show?
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Did Marco Lopez and Mike Stoker ever do any more television sHow is after Emergency?

Lopez did, going on to do episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man, MacGuyver, and Murder, She Wrote. Stoker, on the other hand, did not, preferring to return to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, where he retired in 1996, as a Station Captian.

What was the top rated tv show in 1989?

The top ten shows for the 1990-1991 TV season were ... 01 | Cheers 02 | 60 Minutes 03 | Rosanne 04 | A Different World 05 | The Cosby Show 06 | Murphy Brown 07 | Empty Nest 07 | American Funniest Videos 08 | Monday Night Football 09 | The Golden Girls 09 | Designing Women 10 | Murder She Wrote

Do you have a list of tony soprano murder victims?

Here is a comprised list of the fictional character of Tony Soprano's murder victims on the hit television show "the Sopranos"Willie OverallFabian PetrullioChucky SignoreMatthew BevalaquaSalvatore "big *expletive deleted*" BonponseiroRalph CiffiretoTony BlundettoChristopher Moltasanti.

What happened to the TV show Now and Again?

The fate of "Now and Again", a critically acclaimed TV show that was shamefully ignored by audiences. The cancellation of "Now and Again" is irritating because the show offers up one of the most intriguing season-ending cliffhangers in the history of TV. I would kill to see the ending of the show but like most good TV shows, like "Jericho" they just cancel the show leaving us hang without an ending to them... wth? Quality TV show though!

Who created the TV show The Wire?

David Simon created it. 52 yrs of age, an author, journalist and producer. He wrote Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets and co-wrote The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood with Ed Burns.

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What is Emma Watsons favorite tv show?

Murder she wrote

What is Jessica Fletcher's address in Murder She Wrote TV show?

Candlewick drive

Who is Ken Swafford?

An American actor that played the detective on the television show Murder She Wrote.

Who wrote diagnosis murder?

That TV show had numerous writers on its staff. For further info see:

What show won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Drama in 1986?

Murder, She Wrote won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Drama in 1986.

What show won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Drama in 1985?

Murder, She Wrote won the Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Drama in 1985.

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Murder She Wrote, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Mickey Mouse Club are TV shows that begin with the letter M. My Three Sons, Mission Impossible and Masterpiece Theatre are TV shows.

Where is the tv show Diagnosis Murder set?

Los Angeles

Who wrote the Invader zim tv show?

Jhonen Vasquez wrote Invader Zim.

Who is the killer in episode 39 of midsomer murder TV show?

Lady Hartley

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Danny Elfman .