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if you work full time at a federal minium wage

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Q: Which of these statements is false concerning the government's poverty guidelines?
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What is the best definition of the governments poverty guidelines?

the poverty guideline is a measurement of how much income

What are false concerning the government's poverty guidelines?

if you work at a full-time at a federal minimum wage

How much is San Diego low income?

Low income is generally defined as being under the federal poverty guidelines. Several states have a high cost of living, such as California. So their poverty guidelines may be even higher than the federal poverty guidelines.

The 2013 federal poverty level guidelines for a family of four is how much?

For a single person in the United States the poverty level is defined as $11,490 annual earnings by the 2013 Federal Poverty Level guidelines. The poverty level for a family of four is defined as $23,500 annually.

Is it false that the poverty guidelines are adjusted each year to account for the inflation rate?


Who establishes the federal poverty level?

There are two slightly different U.S. federal poverty measures: poverty thresholds, based on the thrifty food plan by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and poverty guidelines, a simplification of the poverty thresholds used to determine eligibility for a number of programs. The poverty thresholds are established after the year is over, based on the Current Population Survey from March of the current year. For example, the 1998 poverty threshold, which reflects the 1998 calendar year, was calculated by the 1999 March Current Population Survey. Until it is calculated, the poverty threshold is merely an estimate. Poverty thresholds are used mainly for statistical purposes and research, such as preparing estimates of the number of Americans in poverty each year. Poverty guidelines are issued at the beginning of each year, generally in February or March, and are used to determine eligibility for poverty programs such as the Oregon Health Plan. In most cases, guidelines and thresholds can be used interchangeably, except when precision is needed for administrative or legislative purposes. When people talk about the federal poverty level, or federal poverty line, they are usually referring to guidelines, unless it is in a research-oriented context. It is always good to check which is being used.

Is communism a better alternative for the Philippines?

Communism is not always an idealistic, corrupt form of government as most democratic societies are led to believe. The success of most governments depend on poverty rates. Democratic governments, such as the United States, work well in areas with little poverty rates. Communist governments on the other hand, work best in areas where poverty is widespread and there is little to no distinction in class. As the Philippines has a poverty percentage of less than 30%, a communist society would likely not work well in the area.

What has the author A S Chungu written?

A. S. Chungu has written: 'The use of technology in alleviating poverty in Tanzania' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Technical assistance, Poverty 'Guidelines for monitoring and evaluation of REPOA activities' -- subject(s): Evaluation, Poverty, Research Programme on Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania

What is poverty alleviation?

this means freedom from poverty

How has welfare reform affected the way state and national governments work together to fight poverty?

they both will work together to fight poverty by paying welfare receptants and representing a strong economy.

Regarding the social welfare system of Venezuelans, which of these statements is true?

Over eighty percent of Venezuelans are living in general poverty.

What annual income is considered poverty level for a single person in Texas?

According to ("the poverty guidelines," 2011) the poverty guideline for a single person in one of the 48 contiguous states and D.C., excluding Hawaii and Alaska, is set at $10,890. For each additional person, you add $3,820.