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Q: Which Of These Movies Begins With Its Hero Dying In A Motorcycle Accident?
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What year did Edward change and what was he dying from?

1918. he was dying of the Spanish influenza

Plis can you tell me The name of a movie that it was of a virus in aflica and they are looking for a cure in America but it become airborn and everyone is dying?

I can remember 2 movies about viruses in Africa1. Outbreak (1995)2. Fatal Contact: Bird Flu In America (2006)

What does rage rage against the dying of the light mean?

I think it's about dying. It's from a poem. I learned that it's kind of about dying. The rage against dying... Who or what is the rage? Maybe doctors, medicine, anything... Think about it... Hope I helped.

How did Bobby Rolofson die?

Bobby was killed in a motorcycle accident while a passenger. Unbeknown to him the boy driving was intoxicated was speeding went around a car at a high rate of speed and an automobile driven by a woman was already in the process of making a left turn. They skid for more then 56 feet hitting the right rear side of her car. Bobby was catapult for more then 117 feet hitting the back of his head shattering his skull. He had not been drinking. He died of massive brain damage on his 16th birthday. The boy that was driving that night had two previous drinking related violations it was his parents and himself that was irresponsible not my son. The lawsuit had nothing to do with animosity or trying to hurt anyone. But is it okay to be responsible for someone else's death and not have any consequences? If somebody went and broke your windows and took a sledgehammer to your car would you walk away and say it was your fault because you parked your car where somebody could have access to it? Would you be angry? Upset? Want compensation? Would you expect to have it fixed? Have that person pay to fix it? Or your insurance company? But someone else was responsible for my child dying and I should walk away like it's just okay? In what world do you live in that it's okay to kill someone and have no consequences at all? Oh and the boy driving was in jeopardy of having his license suspended and was to go to court just before the accident that killed my son. He suffered a broken leg my son lost his life because his friend was irresponsible. Not my child. Get your facts straight before you accuse me or my son of any wrong doing. You don't have a clue

How was Dumbledore Already dying in Harry Potter?

SpoilersSnape kills Dumbledore with avada kedavra. It is later revealed that this is what Dumbledore wanted as he was already dying after being cursed by a horcrux.

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What are the chances of dying on a motorcycle?

your odds of dying on a motorcycle are 1 in 1,020. at least that's what i found on this website

What is Shane Cross famous for?

Shane Cross is famous for his accomplishments skateboarding, including performing the trick "El Toro." He appeared in several magazines before dying in a 2007 motorcycle accident.

What is the percentage of getting in a crash?

Your odds of dying in a car accident: 1 in 18,585. Your odds of dying in a plane accident: 1 in 354,319

What kind of accident stops you from having kids?


What are the chances of dying in a train accident?

its 1 in 100000

What are the statistics of dying in a car accident?

1 in 125 in the U.S

Which probability is higher dying while riding a motorcycle or dying from smoking nicotine?

I suggest riding a motorcycle. Nicotine itself is addictive but not particularly harmful to health. It is the tar and and other substances in tobacco smoke that causes fatal diseases.

What are the chances of dying because of a longboard accident?

Heart failure,stress

Will your chances of dying in a car accident double on the weekends?

No it doesn't double on the weekend.

What song did Robert Plant refuse to sing after his car accident in Greece?

In My Time of Dying

What would be the color of dying female octopus after their eggs hatched?

Her colour is original orange so when she is dying she begins to shade into a white/light grey

What is the belief that upon dying the deceased begins a new life on earth?

The belief in reincarnation.