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Paul McCartney. He was the one who provided the spark for a lot of their projects, and was the one who wanted to perform live, when the others had grown tired of it. It was this drive that enabled him to reach the heights he did as a solo artist. He is one of the most talented singers in pop history, a great songwriter, was considered very handsome by female fans. All this together with his willingness to play for the masses, makes Paul McCartney the most successful.

#1 Hits By Single Beatles on U.S. Charts

Paul McCartney #1 Hits : Ebony And Ivory (with Stevie Wonder), Say Say Say (with Michael Jackson), Silly Love Songs, My Love, Coming Up, With A Little Luck, Band On The Run, Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, Listen To What The Man Said

George Harrison #1 Hits: My Sweet Lord, Got My Mind Set On You, Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth

John Lennon #1 Hits: (Just Like) Starting Over, Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Ringo Starr #1 Hits : Photograph, You're Sixteen

But you can argue that John Lennon and George Harrison wrote more substantial music after going solo. They each put out complete masterpiece albums; Lennon's Plastic Ono Band (1970) and Harrison's All Things Must Pass (1970).

It's also hard to compare McCartney and Starr's solo careers to that of Lennon and Harrison, as both of their lives were tragically cut short.

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George Harrison, with Wonderwall Music, his soundtrack album for the movie Wonderwall. (Guest performers included the Remo Four, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Peter Tork, and Indian musician Ashish Khan.) It was released in November 1968.

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That would be Sir Paul McCartney, if only because he's still producing records to this day. Ringo still does as well, but the output is much less. For the record, in the early 70's, Ringo had the most sales...

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Paul McCartney.

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Q: Which of the Beatles had the most successful solo career?
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He didn't have a solo career before the Beatles.

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Can you rank The Beatles on their solo popularity?

Paul McCartney had the most successful solo career. Lennon was arguably second; he and George Harrison each took five-year breaks at different points. Ringo Starr had several hit singles and a few hit albums, but later drifted from one-album deal to one-album deal.

What did john Lennon do after the beatles breck up?

He started the Plastic Ono Band. This is when he did his solo career and collaborated with Yoko

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What is the beatles solo career and what is one is one hit song of each of them?

well, i can only answer your second part. Paul McCartney- My Love John Lennon- Imagine George Harrison- My Sweet Lord Ringo Starr- Sixteen (i think) Overall, each of the Beatles members has done very well in solo career

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Paul McCartney, with and without Wings.