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John Lennon December 8, 1980 outside his home.

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Q: Which member of the beetles was assassinated?
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Did the Beetles ever break up?

The Beetles publicly announced their breakup on December 31, 1970.

1 Originally named The Beetles they changed their name to The Beatles as a pun for beat music which is another name for Rock 'n' Roll What member of the Beatles is responsible for changing the sp?

The Beatles were never known as the Beetles. However, they were known as The Beatals, Johnny and the Moondogs, Long John and The Beetles, and The Silver Beatles. John probably changed the name, but Paul said he suggested it. But John did say a man on a flaming pie came to him in a vision, telling him to change the name. No one really knows, because this was a long time ago, and John and George are dead.

Did The Beatles have another name?

John Lennon formed a skiffle group, best known as "The Quarrymen" in 1957, which Paul McCartney and George Harrison later joined. In chronological order, the names that band went through were "The Black Jacks", "The Quarrymen", "Johnny and the Moondogs", "The Silver Beetles", "Long John and the Silver Beetles" and the "The Beatles".The QuarrymenI'm not sure of all of the names, so I can't tell you how many there were, however, some names included1 - The Quarrymen2 - The Beetles3 - The Silver Beetles4 - Johny and The moondogs5 - Long John and the Beetles6 - The Beatles.I think that's all, but I'm not entirely sure.The Quarrymen, The Beetles, The Silver Beetles, The Beatals, Johnny and the MoondogsThey were originally the QuarryMen (named for their school), then became Long John Silver and the Silver Beetles, then Silver Beatles, then the Beatles.

How many names did the Beatles have before they settled on The Beatles?

They had two (or possibly three) names before they became the Beatles. Way before the Beatles were famous, they were teenagers playing in a band called The Quarrymen; this name came from a local high school the band members attended. (Note that the lineup of the Quarrymen was not the same as what ultimately became the Beatles, although it was started by John Lennon. Paul McCartney joined the band in 1957 and George Harrison in 1958. Ringo Starr was not a member of that band.) When the Quarrymen traveled to Germany, they added a new member (Stu Sutcliffe) and changed to the Silver Beetles, although some sources say they were first called the Beatals. The spelling of Silver Beetles became Silver Beatles, and then finally, the band settled on The Beatles sometime in 1960.

You are a rock group that has four members all of whom are dead one of which was assassinated?

Mount Rushmore.

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Which member of the beetles played the drums?

Ringo Star.

What member of the beetles was shot?

John Lennon in December 1980.

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The Band is no longer making music but 2 member of the beatles are dead

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John Lennon.

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