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John Lennon formed a skiffle group, best known as "The Quarrymen" in 1957, which Paul McCartney and George Harrison later joined. In chronological order, the names that band went through were "The Black Jacks", "The Quarrymen", "Johnny and the Moondogs", "The Silver Beetles", "Long John and the Silver Beetles" and the "The Beatles".
The Quarrymen
I'm not sure of all of the names, so I can't tell you how many there were, however, some names included

1 - The Quarrymen

2 - The Beetles

3 - The Silver Beetles

4 - Johny and The moondogs

5 - Long John and the Beetles

6 - The Beatles.

I think that's all, but I'm not entirely sure.
The Quarrymen, The Beetles, The Silver Beetles, The Beatals, Johnny and the Moondogs
They were originally the QuarryMen (named for their school), then became Long John Silver and the Silver Beetles, then Silver Beatles, then the Beatles.

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They had a number of names before they settled on Beatles; Lennon's original band was the Quarrymen (all the members attended Quarry Bank School).

They went through the Rainbows, Long John and the Silver Beetles, the Silver Beetles, Beetles and, finally, Beatles.

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Johnny And The Moon Dogs

The Silver Beatles

The Silver Beetles

The Beetles

...and lots more!

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John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison

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They started out as the Quarrymen named after Quarry Bank High School. Afterwords they were called Long John And The Silver Beatles. Finally they just decided to be called The Beatles.

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Q: Did The Beatles have another name?
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What beatles song in the album abbey road starts with the name of another beatles song?

I don't believe there is a song on the album that fits those specifications.

When was The Beatles name first used?

As a group it was The Silver Beatles The name The Beatles was first used in May 1960.

When did the Silver Beatles become famous in the USA?

The "Silver Beatles" were not famous anywhere. It was the original name from which the name "The Beatles" was derived. The Beatles became internationally famous in 1962.

What Beatles album what Eight Days A Week on?

No, it was the name of a Beatles song, but not an album.

The Fab Four was another name given to which rock-and-roll group?

The Beatles originally and most famously, although it has been applied ironically to many groups consisting of four members since then.This nick name was given to the Beatles.

How did The Ramones choose their name?

Dee Dee Ramone (who played was the first member of The Ramones to take on the last name. There have been numerous answers given to this question. One is that Paul McCartny(plays bass in the beatles) used the name Paul Ramone when the Beatles were know as the Silver Beatles. they adopted the name as a salute to Paul and the Beatles. Another explanation is that while in the Beatles, Paul would use the surname Ramone when checking into hotels to hide his true identity. Dee Dee said the band liked producer Phil Ramone (Billy Joel, Simon and Garfunkel).

Why did john Lennon change band name Beatles?

The bands name went through about six changes, penultimately "The Silver Beatles" before they settled on "The Beatles". Once they started recording, they had to keep the same name.

What is the proper name of the Beatles album most commonly called the White Album?

"The Beatles"

Were the Beatles always called the Beatles?

They were originally called the Quarry Men. Several member and name changes later they became the Beatles.

What did the quarrymen change their name to?

The Beatles!!!!!!

Where did The Beatles name come from?


Where did the name The Beatles come from?