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This happened in Naruto Shippuden Chapter 678, Black Zetsu Betrays Madara.

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Q: Which manga chapter of naruto did zetsu stab madara?
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Will naruto die in the war?

Sadly, yes. He dies in Naruto Manga 660 end & Naruto Manga 661 beginning. He got the Kyubbi extracted from him by Madara and is dead through Naruto Manga 664. Minato, Sakura, and Gaara tried to save Naruto, but failed due to black zetsu capturing Minato's Kyubbi half in Naruto Manga 664.

Does Naruto die in Shippuden?

Currently in the fourth great ninja war. NARUTO IS DEAD. He got the Kyubbi extracted from him by Madara. Minato, Sakura, and Gaara have tried to save Naruto, but so far their attempt failed due to black zetsu. (Naruto's death: Naruto Manga 660 end & beginning of Naruto Manga 661). (Currently: through chapter 664 of Naruto Manga). Kishimoto has made Madara: a power house villain.

Why is zetsu gay?

Zetsu is an anime character from the popular manga/anime Naruto. And no. He isn't gay.

In naruto which episode was zetsu's first apperience?

dont listen to her he makes his first appearench after narutos ans sasukes fight at the vally of end Edit: Naruto Episode #134 Manga Chapter #234 Heres more info:

Where is it possible to read about the character Zetsu?

Naruto Shippeden is where you can find out more about the character Zetsu and also about other Manga characters. They also appear in various storylines on various Naruto games.

Who is still alive from the akatsuki?

Madara and Zetsu.

Who is stronger Naruto or zetsu?

naruto is way stronger zetsu can't fight

On Naruto Shippuden does Sasuke die?

The series has not yet ended and sasuke is still alive. The manga's have almost ended or are being finished. *(Spoiler)* Sasuke Fights Deidara and is thought to be dead but he survives. Sasuke kills Itachi and he is Badly hurt and Zetsu tells Tobi/Madara that sasuke is possibly dead. Sasuke is said to have killed Madara. Rumors of the end of the Manga. Sasuke and Naruto fight and kill each other to end the Series.

Does the leaf village end?

WARNING: SPOILER Well, in the Naruto Manga, so far the Leaf Village is in a war between Madara, Orochimaru in the form of Kabuto, the Zetsu clones, and all of Orochimaru's resurrected ninja. The Leaf is in peril, but I don't think we've seen the last of it.

Is obito alive in naruto Shippuden?

yes he is... He didnt die in the rocks or whatever only his right side so HE MUST BE ZETSU! -------------------------------------------------- OMG Zetsu? xD Obito is dead :( OBITO IS GONE FOREVER! HOW CAN IT BE ZETSU!! --------------------------------------------------- Wrong! Obito is Tobi.

Naruto who is the akatsuki spy?

the people were all tricked that pein was the leader of akatsuki but now it has been conformed that Madara Uchiha is the boss the hole time. all the viewers of naruto were tricked!

Does zetsu ever die?

Zetsu has not died yet.