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Pein is apparently somewhere around 45.

Konan is also around 45.

Deidara is 19.

Sasori is 35.

Tobi, being Madara Uchiha, is somewhere over 100...

Zetsu's age Is somewhere under Madara's because zetsu was made out of the cells of the first hokage (the first hokage wasn't dead in madara's time, Madara fought the first hokage) I guess he is around 50 .

Itachi is 21.

Kisame is 32.

Hidan is 22.

Kakuzu is 91.

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Izumi Uchiha

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  • Itachi (17 -18 -20 -21). Kisame (29-32-33). hidan (22) pain (nagoto Yahiko)(25-30)Konan (25-30) Kakuzu (91) obito (Tobi)(25-35) Zetsu (1000+) Deidara (19) Sasori (35) Orochimaru (50-54) sasuke (16-24 -30+) Karin (16-24-30+)
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Itachi was 11 when he first joined Akatsuki.

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They are currently 15-16 years old in Naruto Shippuden. They were 12-13 years old in Naruto.

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Lilley Martin

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Woah did NOT expect Zetsu to be 1,000+ jesus

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Q: How old are the akatsuki members?
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If you mean what akatsuki members were resurected in the manga, then its Nagato, kakuzu, sasori, deidara, itachi, and a 6th unknown person.

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Ok if you really want to wear a overcoat you have to fight one of the Akatsuki members and knock him out. If your aren't strong enough they don't want you there.

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